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    Userbox Code to copy/paste to your user page
    Chopsticks (PSF).jpg Conserving Helpful Otaku-Produced Superior Titles, Increasing Common Knowledge Society member
    {{CHOPSTICKS Troper}}
    Cup (PSF).png Cool Unearthed Pictures Society member.
    {{CUPS Troper}}
    BlauweVork.png Friends Of Really Kool Sobriquet member.
    {{FORKS Troper}}
    Bitxo0.jpg Hotblooded Others Taking a Stand And Ushering in Chaos and Entropy member.
    {{HOTSAUCE Troper}}
    Blade types.svg Kalculated Naming Indifference Violent Enforcement Section member.
    {{KNIVES Troper}}
    Napkin holder.svg Negative Space Kult of Ireland and Northern Scandinavia member.
    {{NAPKINS Troper}}
    Dried Peppercorns.jpg People Ensuring Pages Populated by English Reliably member.
    {{PEPPER Troper}}
    Fruit Platter.jpg People Letting All Trope Titles Exist Relishably member.
    {{PLATTER Troper}}
    Losalt tub.jpg Supporters of Additional Likenesses in Text member.
    {{SALT Troper}}
    Grapefruit spoon.jpg Society to Prevent Overly Original Names member.
    {{SPOON Troper}}
    Ptong.jpg Tropers Opposed to Negligent and Gratuitous Spoilers member.
    {{TONGS Troper}}
    Whisk.jpg Wonderful Humans' Insight Secures Koolness member.
    {{WHISK Troper}}