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    Steal Your Square Icon.svg This Troper is/was a Deadhead

    {{Grateful Dead Troper}}
    Phish logo.png This Troper Is a Phishhead.
    {{Phishhead Troper}}
    Lady Gaga - ARTPOP logo.png This Troper is a Little Monster
    {{Lady Gaga Troper}}
    Nine Inch Nails logo.svg Nothing can stop me now.
    {{Nine Inch Nails Troper}}
    Spicegirlslogo.JPG This Troper is about Girl Power

    {{Spice Girls Troper}}
    Weirdal.jpg This Troper Listens to "Weird Al" Yankovic
    {{Weird Al Yankovic Troper}}


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    Amazon Music logo.png This Troper visits from
    Amazon Music.
    {{Amazon Music Troper}}
    Deezer Icon.svg This Troper listens to music on Deezer.

    {{Deezer Troper}}
    Demento drawing.jpg This Troper Gets Demented with Dr. Demento
    {{Dr. Demento Troper}}
    Play music triangle.svg This Troper gets music from Google Play.
    {{Google Play Music Troper}}
    Soundcloud logo-550-310x310.png This Troper listens to music on SoundCloud.

    {{SoundCloud Troper}}
    Spotify logo with text.svg This Troper Listens to music on Spotify.

    {{Spotify Troper}}


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    B.B. King, 2006-06-26.jpg This Troper Listens to the Blues
    {{Blues Troper}}
    Chaphopicon.png This Troper Listens to Chap-Hop
    {{Chap-Hop Troper}}
    Johann Sebastian Bach.jpg This troper listens to Classical Music.

    {{Classical Music Troper}}
    Stetson cowboy hat 1950.JPG This troper listens to Country Music.

    {{Country Music Troper}}
    Electroswing.png This Troper Listens to Electro Swing
    {{Electro Swing Troper}}
    Armenian Musicians.jpg This Troper Likes To Listen to Folk Music
    {{Folk Music Troper}}
    Philips SBC MD 110.jpg This troper listens to Hip Hop music.
    {{Hip Hop Music Troper}}
    Odyssey3.jpg This troper listens to House Music.
    {{House Music Troper}}
    Ayumi-Hamasaki-icon.jpg This troper listens to J-Pop music.
    {{J-Pop Music Troper}}
    325989 4610.jpg This troper listens to Jazz music.

    {{Jazz Music Troper}}
    KYPCK- Jalometalli 2008 - 02.JPG This troper listens to Heavy Metal music.
    {{Metal Music Troper}}
    Lisa Wohlgemuth.png This troper listens to Pop music.
    {{Pop Music Troper}}
    FGF museum 06. punk model.jpg This troper listens to Punk Rock music.
    {{Punk Music Troper}}
    Bob-Marley.jpg This Troper Listens to Reggae.
    {{Reggae Troper}}
    122px-The Temptations 1971.jpg This troper listens to R&B
    {{Rhythm and Blues Troper}}
    Jasanguitarcloseup.JPG This troper listens to Hard Rock music.
    {{Rock Music Troper}}
    EX This troper listens to Surf Rock music.

    {{Surf Rock Music Troper}}
    Tr909.jpg This troper listens to Techno music.

    {{Techno Music Troper}}
    Poi circles.jpg This troper listens to Trance music.

    {{Trance Music Troper}}