All The Tropes:Userboxes/Troper Sexuality

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    These userboxes are for displaying your gender and sexual orientation. As with all Userboxes, using any of these is optional.

    Userbox Code to copy/paste to your user page
    Male.svg This troper is male.

    {{Male Troper}}
    Female.svg This troper is female.

    {{Female Troper}}
    Gendersign.svg This troper is transgender.

    {{Transgender Troper}}
    Nonbinary flag.svg This troper is non-binary.
    {{Non-binary Troper}}
    Question Mark.svg This troper has a gender.

    {{Gendered Troper}}
    HE/HIM This troper uses he/him pronouns.
    {{He/Him Troper}}
    SHE/HER This troper uses she/her pronouns.
    {{She/Her Troper}}
    THEY/THEM This troper uses they/them pronouns.
    {{They/Them Troper}}
    HeteroSym-pinkblue2.svg This troper is heterosexual.

    {{Heterosexual Troper}}
    Pink triangle.svg This troper is homosexual.

    {{Homosexual Troper}}
    Bi flag.svg This troper is bisexual.

    {{Bisexual Troper}}
    220px-Asexual Pride Flag.png This Troper is Asexual
    {{Asexual Troper}}