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    These userboxes are about troper preferences in software.

    Userbox Text to copy/paste to your user page
    Windows logo - 2002–2012 (Multicolored).svg This troper uses Microsoft Windows.

    {{Windows Troper}}
    Windows logo – 2012 (dark blue).svg This troper uses Windows 10.

    {{Windows 10 Troper}}
    MacOS wordmark.svg This troper likes to use MacOS.

    {{Mac Troper}}
    File-Pu,94.jpg This troper likes to use Linux.

    {{Linux Troper}}
    MediaWiki logo without tagline.png This troper uses MediaWiki.

    {{MediaWiki Troper}}
    Adobe Photoshop CS6 icon.png This troper uses Adobe Photoshop.

    {{Photoshop Troper}}
    GIMP icon.png This troper uses GIMP.

    {{GIMP Troper}}
    Calligrakrita-base.svg This Troper Uses Krita.

    {{Krita Troper}}
    EX This Troper Uses LibreOffice.

    {{LibreOffice Troper}}
    EX This Troper uses Microsoft Office.

     {{Microsoft Office Troper}}
    FireAlpaca icon.png This troper uses FireAlpaca.
    {{Fire Alpaca Troper}}
    Microsoft Edge logo.svg This troper uses Microsoft Edge
    {{Microsoft Edge Troper}}
    Internet Explorer 10 logo.svg This troper uses Internet Explorer

    {{Internet Explorer Troper}}
    Mozilla Firefox logo 2013.png This troper uses Mozilla Firefox

    {{Mozilla Firefox Troper}}
    Google Chrome icon (September 2014).svg This troper uses Google Chrome

    {{Google Chrome Troper}}
    Pale Moon browser logo.png This troper uses the Pale Moon web browser.
    {{Pale Moon Troper}}
    Seamonkey logo.jpg This troper uses Mozilla Seamonkey

    {{Seamonkey Troper}}
    FOSS This troper likes Free and Open Source software.

    {{FOSS Troper}}
    Vivaldiicon.png This troper uses Vivaldi.

    {{Vivaldi Troper}}
    UBlock Origin.svg This troper uses
    ad-blocking software.
    {{Adblock Troper}}