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These userboxes are for displaying your website affiliations aside from this website.

Userbox Code to copy/paste to your user page
Lampshade-logo-smooth-slightly-bigger-RFS 8578.png This troper is (or was) a member of TV Tropes

{{TVT Troper}}
TMW This troper troped on the Tropes Mirror Wiki.

{{TMW Troper}}
Wikipedia-icon.png This troper is a Wikipedian.

{{Wikipedia Troper}}
æ This troper is an EDiot.

{{ED Troper}}
goon This troper is a Goon

{{Goon Troper}}
F icon.svg This troper has a Facebook account.

{{Facebook Troper}}
Twitter logo.jpg This troper uses Twitter

{{Twitter Troper}}
Tumblr logo 45x45.png This Troper uses Tumblr.
{{Tumblr Troper}}
Deviantart Logo.png This Troper is a member of DeviantART

{{Deviantart Troper}}
Soundcloud logo-550-310x310.png This Troper listens to music on SoundCloud.

{{SoundCloud Troper}}
Reddit-alien 5722.jpg This troper is a member of Reddit.

{{Reddit Troper}}
Voat-logo.png This troper is a member of Voat.

{{Voat Troper}}
Gab Logo Gabby the frog.gif This Troper uses Gab.
{{Gab Troper}}
4chan logo.png This troper is a poster on 4chan.

{{4chan Troper}}
8chan logo.png This troper is a poster on 8chan.

{{8chan Troper}}
Seamonkey logo.jpg This troper uses Mozilla Seamonkey

{{Seamonkey Troper
Blogger.svg This troper uses Blogger.

{{Blogger Troper}}
DW This troper is a member of the Drunkard's Walk forum.

{{DW Troper}}
ORANGE Wattpad Horizontal Logo.jpg This troper is a writer on Wattpad.
{{Wattpad Troper}}
Archive of Our Own logo.png This troper is a writer on
Archive of Our Own
{{Archive of Our Own Troper}}