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These userboxes are for displaying your WikiFauna identity.

Userbox Code to copy/paste to your user page
Basic WikiFauna
Poor little birdie teased by Richard Doyle.jpg This troper is a WikiElf.
{{WikiElf Troper}}
Noemie goldene zeiten berlin.jpg This troper is a WikiFairy.
{{WikiFairy Troper}}
WikiGnome.png This troper is a WikiGnome, don't mind me....
{{WikiGnome Troper}}
Frodo CSC pic cropped.jpg This troper is a WikiHobbit.
{{WikiHobbit Troper}}
WikiOgre2.png Warning, WikiOgre coming through!
{{WikiOgre Troper}}
Troll mode 'on' pink.png I'm a WikiTroll, but only for some harmless laughs.
{{WikiTroll Troper}}
Expanded WikiFauna
Angel statue by Sleepwalker stock.jpg This troper is a WikiAngel.
{{WikiAngel Troper}}
Badger-2-(wikibadger).png This Troper is a wikiBadger and doesn't care.
Barbarian.jpg This Troper is a WikiBarbarian.
{{WikiBarbarian Troper}}
52bear.jpg This troper is a WikiBear.

{{WikiBear Troper}}
Bogeyman-(wikibogeyman).gif This Troper is a WikiBogeyman.

Bouncer.jpg This Troper is a WikiBouncer.
{{WikiBouncer Troper}}
Ragdoll cat Merlin 0733.jpg This troper is a WikiCat.
{{WikiCat Troper}}
CharlesGreenwithPenguin.png This troper is a WikiChef

{{WikiChef Troper}}
SMirC-xmas.svg Ho ho ho, tropers, I'm a WikiClaus!

{{WikiClaus Troper}}
Cyclops-sinbad-movie.png This troper is a WikiCyclops.

{{WikiCyclops Troper}}
Boreal-Chickadee-png.png This Troper is a WikiDee.
{{WikiDee Troper}}
Igdodo.jpg This troper is a WikiDodo

{{WikiDodo Troper}}
Nibelungendrache.jpg This troper is a WikiDragon.

{{WikiDragon Troper}}
Fili.png This Troper is a WikiDwarf.

{{WikiDwarf Troper}}
Philippine-Eage-png.png Swoop! This troper is a WikiEagle.

{{WikiEagle Troper}}
Fallen This troper was or sympathizes with the WikiFallen.

{{WikiFallen Troper}}
Fedora hat.svg I'm a WikiGoon, wiseguy. Don't youse be doing any vandaling on my terf.

{{WikiGoon Troper}}
BOT This troper has a WikiGremlin under their control.

{{WikiGremlin Troper}}
Gryphon.png This troper is a WikiGryphon.

{{WikiGryphon Troper}}
ModernDayHoser.jpg This troper is a WikiHunter.

{{WikiHunter Troper}}
Hybrid I'm a WikiHybrid. I trope like multiple WikiFauna.

{{WikiHybrid Troper}}
Diavolo bonaiuto2.jpg This troper is a WikiImp.

{{WikiImp Troper}}
Jackal-png.png This troper is a WikiJackal.
{{WikiJackal Troper}}
Jaguar-png.png This troper is a WikiJaguar.

{{WikiJaguar Troper}}
Janitor (wikijanitor).jpg This Troper is a WikiJanitor.
{{WikiJanitor Troper}}
King Henry VII.jpg This troper is a WikiKing.

{{WikiKing Troper}}
Lolcat2-cropped.jpg This troper is a WikiKitten.

{{WikiKitten Troper}}
Rycerz.jpg This troper is a WikiKnight.

{{WikiKnight Troper}}
Komodo-Dragon-png.png This troper is a WikiKomodo.
{{WikiKomodo Troper}}
Colossal octopus by Pierre Denys de Montfort.jpg This troper is a WikiKraken.

{{WikiKraken Troper}}
Infanterie Regiment von Donop - officer and private 1783.JPG This troper is a WikiMercenary.
{{WikiMercenary Troper}}
Wappen-maulbron.jpg This troper is a WikiMule.

{{WikiMule Troper}}
WikiOgre2.png Warning, WikiOgre coming through!
{{WikiOgre Troper}}
WikiOtter.svg This troper is a WikiOtter.

{{WikiOtter Troper}}
HK Ocean Park 熊貓山 Panda Mountain 竹葉 Bamboo leave in use as food.jpg Munch, munch, this troper is a WikiPanda.
{{WikiPanda Troper}}
Pfau links.svg This troper is a WikiPeacock.

{{WikiPeacock Troper}}
Platypus-sketch.jpg This troper is a WikiPlatypus.

{{WikiPlatypus Troper}}
Policeman-icon.gif This troper is a member of the WikiPolice.

{{WikiPolice Troper}}
Common-Potoo-PNG.png This troper is a WikiPotoo
{{WikiPotoo Troper}}
Elisabeth Albertine von Anhalt-Dessau 1.JPG This troper is a WikiPrincess.

{{WikiPrincess Troper}}
PumaNov06small.jpg This troper is a WikiPuma.

{{WikiPuma Troper}}
Chiotgolden.JPG This troper is a WikiPuppy.

{{WikiPuppy Troper}}
Ruzaccho.png This troper is a WikiRabbit.

{{WikiRabbit Troper}}
The death.svg This troper is a WikiReaper.

{{WikiReaper Troper}}
Roadrunner 2.png This Troper is a WikiRoadrunner. Beep, Beep!
Tiger Shark.jpg "CHOMP!" This Troper is a WikiShark.

{{WikiShark Troper}}
Sloth cartoon.svg This troper is a WikiSloth.

{{WikiPuma Troper}}
SMirC-vamp.svg This troper is a WikiVampire

{{WikiVampire Troper}}
Warlock.png This Troper is a WikiWarlock.

{{WikiWarlock Troper}}
Weasel head.svg This troper is a WikiWeasel.

{{WikiWeasel Troper}}
WikiWizard White.svg This troper is a WikiWitch.

{{WikiWitch Troper}}
Magic Wand.svg This troper is a WikiWizard.

{{WikiWizard Troper}}
Maned Wolf Pup Image 001.jpg This troper is a WikiWolfcub

{{WikiWolfcub Troper}}
Last-of-Us-2-zombie.png This troper is a WikiZombie.

{{WikiZombie Troper}}