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  • I forget the time, but I remember seeing a video of Alex interrupting a concert to yell at a guy that was screaming at his girlfriend (he might've been hitting her, but I don't recall). He yells for a bit, and everyone's kind of lost in this awkward silence for a moment when Alex finishes with "Dude, this isn't Pokemon, you don't need to have so much rage!" The band then proceeds to finish the concert as though nothing happened.
  • Jack has a microphone stand with over a hundred bras hanging from it. So many, in fact, that they rotate which ones they bring on stage.
  • Pete Wentz and Mark Hoppus's cameos in the Weightless video.

[Wentz is typing something on his phone]
"@markhoppus ATL rips off FOB soo bad"

{{[[[Funny Background Event]] Hoppus face palms & has a WTF look on his face}}]

"Both ATL and FOB rip off blink-182"