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  • When Mike temporary leaves after a fight with Gloria pertaining to Gloria's pregnancy, Gloria is distaught. So with Gloria on his lap, Archie tells her about the time when Gloria was born.
  • Archie spends an entire episode dragging his feet about spending the weekend with Edith at the same hotel room they spent their honeymoon on their anniversary. Just when you think he might not even care about her at all, he sees her in her nightgown and is blown away.

Archie: "Did... did you wear that dress on our honeymoon?"
Edith: "No, it's brand new."
Archie: "Oh... for a minute there I thought... you look exactly the same as you did that night."

  • In the episode "Mike's Appendix", Archie pays for Mike's operation and asks Gloria not to tell him that he did. His reason for doing it: "He's the only Meathead you got."
  • When Stretch dies, Archie attends his funeral and is surprised to find out that his old friend was Jewish. Naturally, both lead to awkwardness on Archie's part, but he ultimately honors Stretch with a touching eulogy.


  • In the season 8 finale the final moments with Archie and Mike are this mixed with a tearjerker. Archie does everything he can to fight the fact the he's actually going to miss Mike but you can tell by the look on his face that when Mike tells Archie he loves him and will miss him that Archie feels the same way, he just can't spit it out.

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