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Due to mostly being about plane-crashes, there will be some Nightmare Fuel. This also includes examples not mentioned in the series.

  • Japan Airlines Flight 123 - What makes this one particularly Nightmare Fuelish was that the plane had been uncontrollable for 32 minutes, meaning many people onboard had time to write goodbye letters. One even took a photograph during the crisis. (Pictured above)
    • Not only that, an American helicopter had found the crash site soon after. But due to the Japanese believing that no-one would've survived the crash, the recovery operations were delayed. When the finally reached the crash-site the next day, not only were they shocked to have found 4 survivors (Yumi Ochiai, Keiko Kawakami and Hiroki and Mikiko Yoshizaki), but also found-out that many more survived the crash, only to die from their injuries and the freezing-cold temperatures.
      • As a result of the crash, the Boeing engineer who worked on the flight's faulty tailstrike repair committed suicide due to being unable to cope with the fact that he had caused the accident.
  • The Tenerife accident for both airplane crews. The KLM captain was shocked to see the Pan Am still on the runway (there were two warnings, but both cancelled each other out), and desperately tried to pull-up to the point of causing the tail to strike the runway. The Pan Am crew were also shocked to see the KLM coming at them, and in distress tried to move-out of the way. Only 61 people onboard the Pan Am survived including all 3 pilots, while everyone on the KLM died.
  • Everyone's reaction on seeing United Airlines Flight 175 hitting the World Trade Center.
  • One of the passengers on United Airlines Flight 93 was heard saying "if we don't get in there, we'll all die!".
  • The CVR audio of United Airlines Flight 232 and Air Florida Flight 90, full stop.
    • The United Airlines Flight 232 gets particularly disturbing at the end, with the pilots trying their best to turn their plane left with the engines. 111 of the 296 people onboard died as a result of the crash-landing.
    • Air Florida Flight 90's due to only 5 people surviving the crash (6 initially survived, but 1 died when he selflessly gave his escape ladder to someone else, forcing him to succumb to hypothermia).
  • United Airlines Flight 585 and USAir Flight 427's crew reactions, both realizing they're about to crash.
    • Same for Air France Flight 447.
  • British Airways Flight 5390 - the entire idea of somebody's body, let alone the captain's being partially blown-out of the aircraft. Combined with the fact he was being battered by 200+ km/h cold winds and was rapidly losing air. He made it out alive and continued to fly, but still!
  • Trans World Airlines Flight 800 - It had a fuel tank explosion near New York City. While only 17 people survived the initial explosion (the whiplash killed/decapitated everyone else), that meant they were the unlucky ones, as they had to suffer more torture before they finally crashed into the ocean.
  • 1991 LAX Runway Collision, the entire landing goes smoothly until the plane collides with another plane that the ATC forgot was on the runway.
  • Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 - Was shot-down over Ukraine. The ATC not-long before the missile launch had denied MH17's request to ascend.
  • El Al Flight 1862 - Crashed into an apartment complex, which was full of people at the time. Despite realizing they were about to crash, the pilots acted calmly, likely accepting their fates.
  • Federal Express Flight 705, everyone was probably horrified to see a DC-10 acting erractly.
  • Scandinavian Airlines Flight 751 - The pilots tried to decrease power to the engines, only for a safety system they knew nothing about (it was designed to increase engine power at low-altitudes, but in this case that was actually the correct action) to increase power to the engines, eventually destroying them.
    • While everyone survived, the captain was so traumatized he didn't return to flying after.
  • Helios Airways Flight 522 - Imagine being the only person on a flight low-on-fuel, who was conscious, while everyone else was likely dead. The flight attendant certainly thought this before the plane ran-out of fuel and crashed into a mountain.
  • Aeroflot Flight 593 - Your child causes a stall, and when you finally regain control of the aircraft it enters another stall.
  • Everyone on Alaska Airlines Flight 261 was probably horrified to see the Atlantic Ocean closing in, while upside-down.
    • Like El Al Flight 1862, the pilots were relatively calm right-before the crash.
  • Pacific Southwest Flight 1771 - Someone just shot 6 people, and his now put the plane into a sharp descent.
  • Swissair Flight 111 - The pilots were surprised to see smoke, and decides to make an emergency landing. Then a bit later, fire enters the cockpit. You lose all your instruments and can't even see where your going until it's too-late.
    • The remaster also points-out that smoke possibly entered the business class section, which is when some passengers realized they were doomed.
  • Your enjoying christmas, when suddenly the remains of a Pan American flight (103) rain-down. What everyone on the ground thought.
  • 2006 Grosso Mid-Air Collision - The pilots tried their best to level their plane, but it was all in-vein due to losing a large part of the left-wing.

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