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  • Maybe not Crowning, but definitely a Moment of Funny from the second Light Novel:

"All right. But just out of curiosity, Allison..."
"What is it?"
"Do you have a driver’s license?"
"...That is a military secret, Mr. Schultz."
"So, no."
"What tipped you off?"
"Just drive safely..."

    • Again from the second novel:

"Wil! You know what I’m going to do, right?" (She can't find enough open space for a takeoff run, so she's going to drive the plane over an 800-meter cliff and hope she can pull out of the fall before crashing at the bottom.)
"I’ve got an idea... a terrifying one."
"Then I’m going to tell you something, in case we fail."
"What is it?"
"‘Sorry I messed up’! Okay! I apologized in advance!"

    • And another, from the Lillia and Treize series:

“Got it! So Lillia, what’s for dinner tonight?”
“I haven’t decided yet. ...Maybe meat, to get us pumped up?”
“Yeah! There’s nothing like a carnivore’s diet.”
“Okay! Meat it is.”
“Huzzah! You’re the best, Lillia!”
“Huzzah! All hail meat! ...Mom?”
“We sound like idiots.”
“Oh, it’s not like anyone’s watching.”


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