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Tear Jerkers in Allison & Lillia include:

  • Episode 13. They finally - finally - get some happiness, and then...
  • Another, from the Light Novels -- just before the Allison series began, the Air Force required its pilots to write a will and last message, to be passed on to their families if they died. Allison's was to Wil, of course. Years later, it was sent to Allison because it'd been in storage so long the Air Force figured it was out of date. Lillia read it. Even knowing how things turned out for Allison and Wil, the following passage is....

I suppose I should write in the past tense, now.
I wanted to be with you. I wanted to see things with you, visit places with you, sleep with you, wake up with you (I’m sorry, but I wanted you to wake me up), spend time with you, grow up with you, and grow old with you.
Something just occurred to me. ‘Was I able to confess my feelings to Wil, who reads this letter, while I was still alive?’
If I told you that I loved you, told you many times how much I loved you, and you thought I was an annoyance — and if you began to treat me differently because of that...
That thought scares me more than death.
But if you told me that you loved me too, I would be so happy. — Would have been.


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