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A series of video games by Nival Interactive. Includes three Role Playing Games and one MMORPG.

The four games all take place in the same fantasy setting. Long ago, a magical cataclysm caused by the reckless experiments of the Great Mages shattered the planet into numerous "islands" -- the titular allods -- which now float in an ethereal substance known as "the astral". Each allod has its own Great Mage, who prevents it from being consumed by the astral and has near-limitless powers within the allod.

The rival human empires of Kania and Hadagan -- embodiments of corrupt Western-style democracy and Eastern despotism, respectively -- have survived the cataclysm and now use numerous portals between the allods to govern their territories. By the time of Allods Online, these states make alliances with other races and morph respectively into the League and the Empire.

Strangely, the first three games were given completely different titles in English than in the original Russian.

The games are:

  • Rage Of Mages (original: Аллоды: Печать Тайны, Allods: The Seal of Mystery)
  • Rage Of Mages II: Necromancer (original: Аллоды II: Повелитель душ, Allods II: The Lord of Souls)
  • Evil Islands: Curse of the Lost Souls (original: Проклятые земли, Cursed Lands)
  • Allods Online
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