Ally McBeal

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Ally McBeal was a Work Com-slash-Dramedy by David E. Kelley about a neurotic lawyer and the wacky people she works with. The series ran from September 1997 to May 2002 for a total of 112 episodes in five seasons. Ally herself was played by Calista Flockhart.

The series went for 'nutty' in a very big way, with preposterous lawsuits (man is fired for having bad comb over and sues, dying boy sues God, etc.), dream and fantasy sequences all over the place, spontaneous dance numbers and the like. Probably best known in its early years for the CGI baby dancing to the "ooga-chaka" chorus from Blue Swede's "Hooked On A Feeling", and in its later seasons for a surfeit of "daring" "lesbian" kisses among various women in the cast. Achieved a kind of brilliance in the legal arguments made by the character John Cage. Achieved retch-inducing horror in its mundane romantic complications.

The show was the second-most popular program on FOX when it was around, and was such a huge part of pop culture that Time ran a cover story on it, accusing it of killing feminism. However, after its cancellation it vanished off the public radar, and now it's most known for being the subject of a Futurama episode.

Tropes used in Ally McBeal include: