Ally McBeal/Characters

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    This is the character sheet for Ally McBeal.

    Cage/Fish Attorneys and Associates

    Ally McBeal

    Titular character of the show, and a litigator at Cage and Fish. Becomes senior partner in Season 5. Played by Calista Flockheart.

    John Cage

    One of the two initial senior partners at Cage and Fish. Played by Peter MacNichol.

    Richard Fish

    The other initial senior partner at Cage and Fish and Ally's classmate, who offers her a position at his firm. Played by Greg Germann.

    Elaine Vassal

    Gossipy and nosy secretary at Cage and Fish. Played by Jane Krakowski.

    Billy Thomas

    Associate at Cage and Fish, former boyfriend of Ally, and husband of Georgia. Played by Gil Bellows.

    Georgia Thomas

    Associate at Cage and Fish, wife of Billy. Played by Courtney Throne-Smith.

    Nelle Porter

    Associate at Cage and Fish, joined at the beginning of Season 2. Played by Portia de Rossi.

    • Beneath the Mask: Can actually be very sweet and loving beneath her cold exterior.
    • Blondes Are Evil: Easily one of the nastiest people on the show. Ally once asked her to be nicer by singing at the bar.
    • Bunny Ears Lawyer: Just as eccentric as everyone else, but she was the firm's most productive associate and was specifically brought in as a "rainmaker", to generate new business.
    • Defrosting Ice Queen: Season 4 really starts this for her, starting when she spends the day with a doctor going to jail for euthanizing a client.
    • Kick the Dog: Nelle leaves the firm in Season 3, and tries to steal the clients by manipulating Elaine. It doesn't go well for Nelle.
    • Ice Queen: She was called "sub-zero" for this reason. She doesn't even stick her hand all the way out for a handshake. It changes as the series progresses.
    • Pet the Dog: Nelle has a few, but ultimately the largest is when she helps Elaine fulfill her dream to become a Broadway star.
    • Pitbull Dates Puppy: With John. She's the pitbull.
    • Those Two Girls: Has this vibe with Ling.
    • Woman Scorned: Leaves the firm in Season 3, but comes back later.

    Ling Woo

    Associate at Cage and Fish, started as a client of Nelle's before she was hired a few episodes later. Friend of Nelle's. Played by Lucy Liu.

    Mark Albert

    Associate at Cage and Fish, hired during the end of Season 3 following the death of Billy. Series regular in Season 4. Played by James LeGros.

    Coretta Lipp

    Associate at Cage and Fish. Guest starred in Season 4, became a series regular in Season 5. Played by Regina Hall.

    Jenny Shaw

    Associate hired by Ally at the beginning of Season 5. Glenn's former girlfriend. Played by Julianne Moore.

    Glenn Foy

    Associate hired by Richard at the beginning of Season 5. Jenny's former boyfriend. Played by James Marsden.

    Raymond Millbury

    Associate hired at the beginning of Season 5, played by Josh Hopkins.

    Other Characters

    Vonda Shepard

    Singer at the piano bar the lawyers frequent. Played by herself.

    Renee Raddick

    Ally's roommate and D.A. then later plain attorney. Ally's rational friend. Often sets Ally up with many different men. Played by Lisa Nicole Carson.

    • Absentee Actor: Disappeared after Season 4 due to mental health problems with the actress.
    • The Cast Showoff: Less so than Elaine, but frequently sings. Still subverted, as her singing is incorporated into the plot.
    • Black Best Friend: To Ally.
    • Friendly Enemy: Being a D.A, she's often speaks against Cage and Fish's clients. Still goes out to the bar with them after work, and lives with Ally.
    • Really Gets Around: She gives Elaine a run for her money.

    Larry Paul

    Lawyer introduced in Season 4 when Ally mistakes him as her therapist. Ends up dating Ally, played by Robert Downey Jr.

    Whipper Cone

    Judge, later attorney and on-again, off-again lover to Richard. Played by Dyan Cannon.