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  • The X-Men never invited Aurora to join them, even after her sanity was restored. Not only is she a speedster like Northstar, she's one of the very few X-Men characters who's actually a trained teacher. You'd think that'd come in handy.
    • They invited her, she said no.
  • Anyone else wonder how they managed to make Guardian's "power armor" (which allows him to fly, shoot laser blasts, do all sorts of things) as thin as any other spandex suit? Where does all that technology fit?
    • It's basically a mesh harness full of micro-electronics that that lets him generate and manipulate an electro-magnetic forcefield, which he uses for everything (damage resistance, flight by magnetic repulsion, force blasts, etc.). It doesn't actually have armor, like Iron Man's suit does. Imagine it like a leotard-shaped cheap Green Lantern ring knockoff and you're not far wrong.