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The Alphas and Omegas don't really "eat together".

Many have called Research Fail in respect to that line, but it might not be meant to be taken literally. Have we seen any class mixing at mealtime (the scene with Lilly excluded)?

Given Wolf Society, meal time is most likely like a buffet, you all eat from the same source, and eat in the same general area, but some people have to be at the back of the line.

Eve is the wolf version of Chuck Norris

  • When Eve kills Cariboo (because "Hunting" suggests a possiblility of failure), it's only Eve that Kills Cariboo.
  • Eve can castrate a male by strangulation.
  • When the two Granola She-Wolves' were first exposed to the world of Hunting, Eve was their guide. Obviously the event truamatized them.
  • Winston used to be an even more Big Badass Wolf than shown in the film, but age didn't remove it: Eve eats Badass.
  • Also, all potential mates had to fight Eve to a draw in order to be her's. Winston didn't win, but won by default due to being the only male to survive the ordeal.

The howling parties are In-Universe G-Rated Sex

They give young couples something to do. Something they don't need Alphas' permission for.

Kate and Humphrey are Flo's biological parents.

Yes, I'm crazy. But [1], and red wolves may be coyote-wolf hybrids, so it's just barely possible.

Scrat died and was reincarnated as Salty.

Just take one look at Salty's face and draw the connection.

  • Following that logic, maybe Stella from Over the Hedge was reincarnated as Lily.

The official photos of Humphrey, Kate, and Lilly take place after the movie.

The characters look a lot more mature than they were in the film and this might explain Kate's extensive hair length.

Once upon a time, there was a werewolf, who, while in wolf form, mated with a real wolf. The wolves in this movie are desendents of this Interspecies Romance.

That should explain the Anime Hair, the somewhat human-looking faces and why the wolf pack doesn't work like a real wolf pack.

  1. (at least according to Kate)