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  • It's kinda minor, but Gary humiliating the dumb jock, David Burton, in front of the entire school, with the Facebook insults that they were shooting behind his back.
  • Also, anything that Hicks does with his Alpha power.
    • Especially defending Gary from the aforementioned dumb jock and four other bullies without getting so much as a scratch, and finishing it off by tripping David Burton with a textbook from fifty feet away. He also took out the coach, which was just icing on the cake. It must also be noted that Hicks didn't technically hit any of them, just subtly redirected their movements so they basically took themselves out.
  • Gary tracking down Skylar with the help of a very patient cab driver. It may not seem like much, but you have to remember Gary did it pretty much without prompting.
  • Just about everything Skylar invents results in one of these. She even made modified contact lenses in case Nina tried to mind-control her!
  • Rosen smashing the super control brain from Bob after obtaining it from Skylar. He spent the entirety of the series up to this point acquiescing to the decisions of those above him... until he finds out that Skylar has a daughter. He rebelliously covers for them, saying that they disappeared, standing up to an armed and angry federal agent and the brunt of his superiors. With the device, he could have given his bosses every Alpha on the planet and gotten praise and adulation galore. But he defiantly chose a clear conscience instead.
  • Rachel, coming out of nowhere during "Blind Spot" and beaning the invisible Alpha upside the head a few times..
    • In the same episode, Dr. Kern shows he's a Not-So-Harmless Villain once he's built up enough sonic energy and starts absolutely wrecking the offices, along with anyone who tries to get close to him.
  • Was it awful that Bill and Cameron were fighting? Yes. But the fight itself was epic.
    • The break out in the same episode was pretty awesome. Bouncing tranq darts, tearing through guards and super alpha jump kick to a locked door just icing on the cake.
  • "Original Sin" has several:
    • Hicks' Le Parkour duel with another Alpha who has the same abilities as him. Even if Hicks lost, it was a kickass fight scene.
    • Gary going completely apeshit on a DoD soldier after finding Anna's body. Also a Tearjerker.
    • Rosen performing an Engineered Public Confession on Congress in order to expose the Alpha situation to the general public.