Alter Ego (video game)/Heartwarming

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  • Helping the "old witch" that your friends keep making fun of. Apparently, her light's been out for quite some time, and you can help. She's grateful for the help, and you can continue to help her out. The narrator states that you've even given her a reason to live, due to your kindness.
  • When your father loses his job, and you offer advice to remind him there's far more important things in life than just his job, and that you love him.
  • Also of note is your child's wedding, if it goes well. Your character feels momentarily sad about them leaving the nest, but it ends on a very sweet note, and you ponder becoming a grandpa, ignoring the age that the title is associated with because you can't get your mind off the words themselves, "grand" and "father".
  • Becoming friends with the isolated Chinese exchange student. You can try to learn his language, which being surprised at how quickly he learns English.