Alter Ego (video game)/Nightmare Fuel

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  • Later Nightmare Retardant: the big scary monsters in your early life chapters, although if you decide to be brave and ignore it, the narrator either goes out of character to point out you need to have more imagination since "you're only young once!", or try to emphasize how big and scary the monster is, resorting to a quick "boo!" and an argument of whether or not it scared you if you still ignore it.
  • A straighter example would have to be the child molester scenario. Anyone who went to a school that beats it into your head from day one that you never talk to strangers, or go anywhere with one, knows how to make it out of this scenario alive (simply stay where you are and then run away), but as there is no reference to you ever being taught about this in school, you essentially survive based on pure luck and instinct.
    • Even not getting into the car will result in a simple, yet terrifying statement, "You move away from the man, suspicious that he might not be telling the truth. This is smart. Intellectual sphere rises sharply. This man hurts children."