Alter Ego (video game)/Tear Jerker

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  • This game. It's the story of one person's life itself, and the end can be either depressing or triumphantly tear-jerking, depending on how you play.
    • There's something to be said for just living an absolutely normal life as well. Started out as a baby girl, moved through life in total normality, and then got the pleasure of seeing life repeat itself with my own children, my own grandchildren, and finally a happy and contented drifting off to sleep...* Sniff*
    • As for happy tears: One situation has an old woman that all of the children call a witch because she yells at them all the time. At one point, your character notices her everpresent light goes out and you go check on it. When she answers the door and you tell her you wanted to know if she was okay, she tells you the bulb blew out and she is too weak to replace it. If you do it, she tells you a story about a husband and child she lost in an accident with a train. If you agree to do odd jobs for her in exchange for cookies and brownies, you receive this as part of the result: "You've done something much kinder than you can imagine at this age. You've given this woman a reason to live."