America's Next Top Model/Characters/Cycle Eighteen British Invasion

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Tropes used in America's Next Top Model/Characters/Cycle Eighteen British Invasion include:

Team UK

The entire team

(back from left to right) Alisha, Sophie, Louise and Jasmia. (front from left to right) Catherine, Annaliese and Ashley.

Alisha White

Alisha white 1808.jpg

Alisha: "I can't stay."

Sophie Sumner

Antm-18-sophie 7392.jpg

Louise Watts

Louise watts V2 2178.jpg

Louise: "They gave me a boy's haircut. I look like Justin Biebs."

Louise: "No, you were rude to me."

Jasmia Robinson

Jasmia Robinson 7393.jpg

Catherine Thomas

Catherine thomas V2 672.jpg

Annaliese Dayes

Annaleyse Dayes 2459.jpg

Annaliese: "America is not ready for the British Invasion. We did it once, and we can do it again."

Ashley Brown

Ashley brown 7831.jpg

Team USA

The entire team

(back from left to right) Laura, Kyle, Seymone and Candace. (front from left to right) Eboni, Mariah and AzMarie.

Laura: "It's called America's Next Top Model for a reason, get your ass back home."
Kyle: "Those girls are from the UK!? Is this a joke right now?"

Laura LaFrate

Antm-18-laura 1612.jpg

Mr. Jay: "Tell me what makes you powerful."
Laura: "Really good sex!"

    • The other girls' confessionals tended to lampshade this.

Alisha: "A fucking silkworm is sexual to this girl!"

Annaliese: "Laura is all about sex, sex, sex, sex. And a little bit more of sex!"

Eboni Davis

Eboni Davis 9801.jpg

Seymone Cohen-Fobish

Seymone Cohen-Fobish 668.jpg

Kyle Gober

Kyle Gober 4468.jpg

AzMarie Livingston

AzMarie 8358.jpg

Candace Smith

Candace smith 1996.jpg

"One, two, three, do Candace." Cue pout.

Mariah Watchman

Mariah-watchman-antm-2 3496.jpg