America's Next Top Model/Characters/Cycle Fourteen

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Krista White

Krista White 9739.jpg

Raina Hein

Raina Hein 5143.jpg

Alexandra Underwood

Alexandra Underwood 7639.jpg

Angelea Preston

Angelea Preston 4496.jpg

Jessica Serfaty

Jessica Serfaty 9455.jpg

Alasia Ballard

Alasia Ballard 901.jpg

Anslee Payne-Franklin

Anslee Payne-Franklin 1631.jpg

Brenda Arens

Brenda Arens 8575.jpg

Tatianna Kern

Tatianna Kern 867.jpg

Simone Lewis

Simone Lewis 6284.jpg

Ren Vokes

Ren Vokes 4177.jpg

Naduah Rugely

Naduah Rugley 4232.jpg

Gabrielle Kniery

Gabrielle Kniery 4200.jpg