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Tyra Banks

(Cycle 1-present)

Tyra: "*the current number of girls* stand before me. But I only have *a number short of the current girls' lineup* photos in my hands. These photos represent those who still have a running towards becoming/to become America's Next Top Model."

    • Post:

Tyra: "Congratulations. You're still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model."

Jay Manuel

(Cycle 1-18)

J. Alexander

(Cycle 1-18)

Janice Dickinson

(Cycle 1-4)

Janice: "I AM the world's first supermodel."

Beau Quillian

(Cycle 1)

Kimora Lee Simmons

(Cycle 1)

Nigel Barker

(Cycle 2-18)

Eric Nicholson

(Cycle 2)

Nole Marin

(Cycle 3-4)


(Cycle 5-9)

Paulina Porizkova

(Cycle 10-12)

Andre Leon Talley

(Cycle 14-17)

Kelly Cutrone

(Cycle 18 - present)

Rob Evans

(Cycle 19 - present)

Johnny Wujek

(Cycle 19 - present)

Bryan Boy

(Cycle 19 - present)