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  • Disney's One Saturday Morning began as a five-hour (albeit with three of them having to comply to that pesky E/I rule) Saturday morning programming block on this network in 1997. In 1999, it spawned a counterpart to be aired on weekday afternoons and Sunday mornings, named One Too. What bugs me about that was the fact that One Too ran on a different network (UPN) than One Saturday Morning. Why didn't Disney just run One Too on ABC as well? If they had done it that way, then they'd only need one or two E/I shows (seeing how that's how Fox Kids and Kids WB handled it).
    • One Too was, if I'm not mistaken, syndicated, which in practice means airing on an also-ran network (UPN and The WB, in those days). It was essentially The Disney Afternoon (which was created before Disney owned ABC) with a new name. Why they decided not to move it to ABC, though, I don't know.
    • ABC's affiliates probably didn't want to run One Too, as it would cut into air time for more profitable shows (e.g. first-run syndication and local news) and the only stations that would run it in the proper time slot would be those owned by the network (there are only ten of those, most of them in large population centers, but ultimately a fraction of the network).
    • In my area, One Too WAS aired on the local ABC affiliate.
  • It bothers me just a little that this page wasn't about the ABCs, as in, the alphabet. That would have been awesome.
  • This might sound stupid, but why did they make Mike Rowe the new voiceover guy for World News Tonight? Bill Rice (they one they used for ages) was better, and Mike Rowe just isn't V/O guy material (I can't say this with absolute authority, as I don't watch Dirty Jobs but I've seen him in Ford commercials).
    • Mike Rowe does all the voice over work for Deadliest Catch, Ghost Hunters, American Choppers, and more.
  • Why did One Saturday Morning advertise itself as being like "five hours of summer once a week" when the main cartoons created for the block (Doug, Pepper Ann, Recess, Hercules, etc.) took place almost entirely at school? Last I checked, school was something kids would want nothing to do with on Saturday mornings, which also makes the block's popularity even more bewildering!
    • Probably so kids could laugh at others being in school. Sadism for children, I guess.
  • This might sound stupid as well, but why is their official logo always portrayed with that gloss? It looks decent in motion, but they should stick with the flat 2D version for anything else. Probably doesn't help that several ABC stations have tacked the glossy logo onto theirs, to varying degrees of success.
    • Agreed. The best logos (including that of ABC) are just as recognizable in monochrome as they are in color, and should surely capitalize on such effectiveness.

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