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  • Early 1992: Marc Ortega vs. Joseph Mauro in the Eliminator that ended the Season 3 grand championship. Ortega overcame Mauro's four-second head start to win in a photo finish (0.02 seconds ahead) that became the show's defining moment. Ortega was also one of the only contenders to get a red (highest) ball in Swingshot.
  • Wesley "Two Scoops" Berry catching up in the Eliminator on the cargo net, which seemed impossible before he did it. He was so popular, due to being such a dominant force as a contender, that they kept bringing him back in roles like contender coach.
    • Berry's big moment was during the Gauntlet in one of the international competitions. Full points were awarded if you beat it within twenty seconds, but Two Scoops did it in under ten.
  • Mike Adamle once, while physically demonstrating how Assault worked, hit the target with his first shot.
  • Malibu getting taken out in "Human Cannonball".