American Gods/Characters

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    The "Old Gods" and Their Allies

    Shadow/ Baldur Moon

    Mr. Wednesday/Odin

    Mr. Nancy/Anansi

    Mr. Ibis/Thoth

    Mr Jacquel/Anubis


    Czernobog (Czernobog)

    Mad Sweeney

    Samantha Black Crow

    • Agent Mulder: Delivers an amazing and lengthy monologue to Shadow about all the things she believes in to get him to open up to her.
    • Badass Normal: Faces Mr. Town and Mr. World, and not only does she refuse to tell them anything about Shadow, she makes fun of their names. She also hitchhikes with Shadow, who's kind of scary before you get to know him.
    • Braids, Beads, and Buckskins: She doesn't dress like it, but she's proud of her Indian heritage.
    • Bi the Way
    • Genki Girl
    • Girl Next Door: Well, technically, the girl next door's little sister.
    • Granola Girl
    • Little Miss Snarker
    • "Take That!" Kiss: She plants what she terms a "fuck off" kiss on Shadow in a bar, although it was to tell everyone else there to fuck off.
    • Tomboy


    The "New Gods" and Their Allies

    The Technical Boy


    The Spookshow

    Mr. World/Low-Key Lyesmith/Loki Lie-Smith