American Vampire/Characters

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    Pearl Jones

    A young girl living in LA during the 1920s with dreams of stardom... until she's invited to the wrong party.

    Skinner Sweet

    A psychotic outlaw in the Wild West who runs afoul of the Pinkerton Detective Agency and a group of European vampires. Becomes the first American Vampire.

    Henry Preston

    A Marine who served in World War I before becoming a traveling musician who crosses paths with Pearl in Los Angeles and falls in love with her.

    Hattie Hargrove

    Pearl's best friend and roommate, also an aspiring actress.

    James Book

    A veteran of the Civil War, he becomes a detective in the Pinkerton Detective Agency and hunts down Skinner Sweet.

    Felicia Book

    Jim Book's daughter (born after his death). Is seeking vengeance on Skinner Sweet and becomes an agent of the Vassals of the Morning Star.

    Cash Mc Cogan

    The police chief of Las Vegas in 1935 who is drawn into a string of mysterious deaths that bring him into the world of vampires.

    Linden Hobbes

    A mysterious agent who is the leader of the Vassals of the Morning Star.

    Travis Kidd

    A young, rebellious vampire hunter in the 1950s who is... extremely talented at killing vampires.