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Skinner Sweet is an ancestor to Judge Dredd's enemies, the Angel Gang.

  • The theory makes sense. Skinner, in his pre-vampiric days, would have fit right in with the Angels, and even post-vampiric, he and they would have got along splendidly---the Angels would have had no problem with his vampirism, not after all the mutations and monsters they'd seen in the Cursed Earth. Sweet isn't the sort to keep it in his pants, so little Sweets might have been running around to reproduce...and his stomping grounds would become the Angels' home after the rise of the Mega-Cities.

Skinner and Hattie are going to end up as a couple, at least for a while

  • Hattie's becoming more of a Complete Monster every day...and her approach to things would not faze Skinner one bit.
  • He'll never forgive her for allying with the Euro-Vamps, though.

Some of the vampire sub-species borrow characteristics from animals.

The Gaelic-Prime vampire, whose battle-form resembles a bat monster complete with wings, is classed as a 'Chiroptera' by the Vassals of the Morning Star. All the American vampires have extra-long rattlesnake fangs, and seem to be able to unlock their jaws at will, like most species of snake.

  • Remember where the characters grew up. That Gaelic-Prime lived in Ireland, and the first American Vampire lived in the old west.

The series takes place in the past of the New World of Darkness

The way a new vampire bloodline is formed, accidentally by a powerful vampire, is slightly too similar to how a bloodline is created in a certain Vampire game. The carpathian vampires will win the war of the various bloodlines and wipe them from history, forgetting they ever existed. The few surviving members of the bloodline war live on as the few non-kindred vampires in the splatbooks.