Analogue: A Hate Story/Analysis

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A hate story indeed

Well, it's my first time editing this wiki but I tought something that drilled on my brain and now I'm out to write it here.

Besides the obvious reason for the subtitle "a hate story", it revolves more on hate than you think. At the end we end with a literal ship full of woobies because the things went the way they went.

We can't really point a villain or antagonist because the nature of the story, involving someone from other age waking on the future, is full of Moral Dissonance. As *Mute says, they were just being themselves with the culture they had and the things weren't bad until the pale bride came into play. Just an era like any other that may seem awful to us, the modern people and by extention to the Pale Bride.

For that, the things done by the Pale Bride are not justified yet, taking the POV of that person, it was a life of suffering in a place where you can't even communicate correctly and everything has changed.

At the end, unless we cheat, we end on having to select one to pity for, but doing that to only one of them, makes us a "hater" of the others and if we try to pity everyone we end our work in loneliness.

It's a hate story not just because everyone is hating on everyone but because it revolves on hate, the player needs hate or a rock-hard heart to progress to one of the more desirable endings without cheating, he has to take a route and in doing so he's another one who's involved in all the hate even if all the meat of the story is some sort of flashback.

It's really a clever title, if you ask me.