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Some web originals are more original than others.

Ship captain, speaking in a very distinctive Southern drawl: Angel On My Shoulder, This is Director Church.

Audience:Squee! Cheer! Assorted exuberance!

  • Italian web series Skypocalypse, as pointed out in a YouTube comment for their third episode:

"Editing by Cannato Flavio? O_O You just won the Internet. :D"

  • That Guy With The Glasses is doing their third year anniversary? Well all right, but I don't know how they can top last yea- WHOA. What are they doing in that preview dressed up as fictional characters? You have intrigued me, good sirs and madams.
  • You know, we haven't heard much from the Everyman HYBRID boys or Noah of Tribe Twelve. I wonder what the- Noah just received a letter from HABIT? Crossover!
  • Awww... Why is The Angry Video Game Nerd not making as many videos anymore--WAIT WHAT?? AN ANGRY VIDEO GAME NERD FULL LENGTH MOVIE IN PRODUCTION?! AHHHHHH I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!