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Andraste has tons of characters, some who only appear a few times, so don't be astonished if not everyone is listed.

Elves and Half-Elves

The elves are one of the most widely spread 'species' in Magick and also seemingly the most diverse. They are seen living in Luminous, Latla, and Nymphia. They also have little magic in comparison to some others (the fairies and the unicorns).

Andraste Aura Finnel-Faeri

The main protagonist of the book, Andraste is born being told she is 'Fate's Beloved' and destined to destroy the Abatu Empire. Unfortunately, her prophecy is a government conspiracy, and in reality, there is no higher power promising her anything. Initially arrogant, prejudiced, and condescending, she really only cares about the nation where she grew up, raised by her aunt. Throughout the book, she becomes a softer more compassionate character as she travels and encounters other people and grows to know them.

Elvin of Luminous

Andraste's half-elf, half-siren ambassador from the country of Latla and the son of a very bloodthirsty general. He discovers a powerful dark magic and mostly is just trying to get people to trust him, despite his heritage.

Radiance Aedammair of Cnoc-Aine

Andraste's cousin and best friend. She's terribly vain but loyal, adventurous, and willing to help and follow Andraste wherever she goes.

Adair of the Naedan

A general from a neighboring tribe of Andraste's who joins her in her quest to defeat the Abatu Empire. He likes adventure and becomes a friend to Elvin.

Haeliae of the Coavantes

Another tribal general who comes to Andraste's aid. She's merely doing what her superior says, though she'd rather stay home and ignore other nations' problems.

Baine of the Trinivites

The last of the generals to join Andraste. He's just following orders.

Xandrina of the Finnel

Andraste's aunt and surrogate mother. She sends Andraste on her quest and appears to know more than she lets on about the whole thing.

Auragonius of the Finnel

Andraste's dead father and Xandrina's brother. He was known for being very quick-tempered.


A healer from Luminous. She shares a room with Clare.


Elvin's father and elf from Latla. He's well-known for having killed a large number of people in a previous war.


Elvin's sister and a seer.

Fairies and Sprites

The fairies and sprites primarily live in the country of Luminous. They are powerful magic users and described as being extraordinarily beautiful.

Clare Emerilla Helendaut

The offical record keeper and a light sorceress in Andraste's Court. She joins Andraste looking for adventure and befriends Elvin.


Andraste's recently deceased mother and the queen of Luminous.


Andraste's aunt and empress of the Abatu Empire.


A one-time love interest and best friend of Elvin's. She doesn't help Andraste, per say, but she does protect a part of Luminous from intruders.


The unicorns live in Luminous and Firelapsia and are known for bonding with the fairy rulers. They are highly intelligent and very magical. Yes, they are an entire race of talking unicorns.


The light-hearted and jovial Lead Stallion (or equivalent to king of a herd) of the unicorns. He was born in Firelapsia, though he spends much time in Luminous. He befriends Elvin and helps Andraste.


The unicorn bonded to Queen Rhiannon. He gives Andraste advice sometimes, and he's not very nice. He also helped spread the idea of Andraste's 'prophecy' and didn't tell her the truth about it.


A unicorn who appears sometimes and helps fight. Andraste also rides him into battle.


A unicorn healer.


A very beautiful unicorn. She joins Andraste in her quest.


The aerolens are giant birds that bear some resemblance to other, smaller raptors.


An owl-like aerolen with mist powers. She's the queen of the aerolens.


A white aerolen. She's a very good fighter.