Android Announcer Maico 2010

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Android Announcer Maico 2010 (also known as Android Ana Maico 2010) is an anime series based on the manga series Maico 2010. The main character Maico (short for "Multi-Artificial Intelligence Computer Organism") is a pink-haired android girl brought in to revive a flagging radio program (although why they use an android in the form of a pretty young woman when she'll never be seen by the audience is never explained in the anime).

Other main characters include:

  • Densuke, the male assistant director of the program, regularly abused by Matsuan.
  • Izumi, the other assistant director, who seems to do nothing except offer the occasional biting comment.
  • Katchin, the public relations manager, despised by everyone.
  • Matsuan, the director of the program. He copes with crises (and he faces many of them) by hitting Densuke and dreaming of retirement, growing tomatoes.
  • Ryoko, Matsuan's boss, who has put together the idea of Maico being on a radio program.
  • Suga, the scriptwriter.
  • Ume, the sound effects man.
Tropes used in Android Announcer Maico 2010 include: