Anehiem Steampunk/Characters

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    Characters from Anehiem Steampunk include:

    The Storm Rose Runaways

    Edith Far

    Edith is a sixteen year old cargo pilot, who got mixed up in the theft of The Storm Rose because her friend, Ernest, is a friend of Flynn. She's very sarcastic and argumentative. If eye rolling was a sport, she'd be in the running.

    Mari(ano) Artemis

    A troubled young man caught up in the mess when he stumbled into a seemingly abandoned building. It would be easier to make a list of the trouble he's gotten to in his past then it would be to make a list of his accomplishments.

    • The Medic He and Doc. Green are the only two characters on the Storm Rose with any medical knowledge, and Mari's is all second hand that he learned from watching doctor's care for his sick mother

    The Sky Pirate Team

    Cassandra Catherines:

    Cassandra is a rich kid, who got so tired of her life that she ran away with her cousin and her chauffeur, Albert. Now, four years later, she's a sky pirate and planning a rebellion. And just a bit unhinged.

    • Berserk Button If your name is Albert-do not, not, call her Cass. Or Cassy. Don't flirt with her either. Actually, it might be safest just not to talk to her.
    • Rich Boredom She ran away. She was obviously bored.
    • Ice Queen When it comes to Albert, she tries to be one. She usually just ends up screaming at him. It should probably be mentioned that she and Albert aren't on is good terms as they were four years ago.
    • Sky Pirate This needs no explanation.
    • Uptown Girl To Albert. He was the chauffeur, and she was the rich girl.

    The Canisians

    The Military

    Nadine(Andie) Red

    Andie is a Captain in the Anehiem Military. She's quite emotionless, and rather annoying. To get to the point, she, like all military characters, is severely messed up.

    • Revenge She wants to kill Ivan herself, then later(after thinking that Leslie wouldn't really want her to do that), have him publicly executed for killing Colonel Leslie Artemis, her superior.
    • Berserk Button The death of Colonel Artemis triggered this response towards Ivan.
    • Emotionless Girl She doesn't have many emotions, but does noticeably have anger. And though she does have others, they aren't really realized by her.
    • Childhood Friends Her and August. They were friends pretty much from the first time they met, back at the Military Academy.
    • Undying Loyalty She would pretty much die for Leslie or August. She's a good person to have working for you. Obviously, her superiors are people she'll be loyal to.Of course there's more to it then that, as August as basically her love interest, and Les is a parental substitute.

    August Burns

    A Colonel of the Anehiem Military. He has high standards, though he's a little unhinged. He got kicked out the Academy when he blew up an officer's supply building and was sent to do undercover work on one of the Sky Islands. He's personally after the Sky Pirates.


    A graduate of the Academy with the job of "killing people," Ester excels at beating people up, being beat up, and talking pessimistically about the idea of freedom. Ester works as a double agent on the Sky Pirates' side, although she isn't given much important information in her job.

    • Conflicting Loyalty She helps out the Sky Pirates, but she would probably not disobey a direct order from a military commander. (Except that pesky "Don't tell our enemies about our plans" command)
    • Double Agent Not an especially useful one, but she tries.
    • Little Miss Badass She's older than usual for this trope, but she's small and freckly and can kill people.
    • Sociopathic Soldier She has no interest in quitting her job. She's the military's grunt killer, but at least she's good at it.



    One of Drosselmeyer's 'pets'. Victoria is a Raptor Clank, meaning she has claws and mechanical wings. Victoria is filled with all kind of clockwork apparatuses and is extremely fragile. And extremely psycho.

    Lucy Daverish

    A traveling actress marooned on the island where the Sky Pirates landed. She likes to think of herself as captivating and in control. This is rather debatable. She does, certainly, have a rather questionable relationship with Jadon, a runaway from an abusive place.

    • I Reject Your Reality She likes to think that she is talented, charismatic, and that everyone in under her spell. Failure for reality to sync up with this led to...
      • Bungled Suicide When her acting troupe kicked her out for being a bad influence.
    • Toxic Friend Influence She has very few qualms about manipulating Jadon.

    Jadon Brooks

    An ex-sky pirate who had a mental breakdown and ran from his past. He travels with Lucy, and she is one of few people he trusts.

    • Ax Crazy He tends to flip out and go on murderous rages, usually brought on by..
      • Berserk Button Don't ever say something bad about Lucy. Also, don't lie to him.
    • Love Martyr Even after Lucy's little breakdown, he'll do anything for her and is determined to make Lucy happy all because he believes he loves her