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Angel is on the hunt for a demon that kills men and women it picks up at clubs.

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Tropes used in Angel/Recap/S01/E02 Lonely Hearts include:

Angel: Hey, look at that, there is our number. It’s right next to a… a um - a – a butterfly?
Doyle: It’s obviously not a butterfly, you idiot. It’s a – a bird. No, no, wait, it’s an owl. A – a bird that hunts at night. Brilliant! It’s a- a...
Cordelia: It’s an angel!

    • Becomes a Brick Joke at the end of the episode, when Angel leaves Kate his card and she asks if it's a lobster.
  • Bullethole Door: What works when your fancy James Bond grappel gun doesn't
  • Come Alone: Averted; Angel tells Kate to bring as much backup as she wants. She comes alone anyway.
  • Facial Horror: Makes it difficult to get a date when half your face is coming off.
  • Grappling Hook Pistol: Spoofed; Angel tries to use a hand-held grappling hook to get himself and Kate (prompting the response "Who Are You?") out of a room they are trapped in, but the wooden beam the wire attaches to crumbles under their weight.
  • Half Truth

Kate: You’re telling me you’re an investigator?
Angel: More or less.
Kate: Where is your license?
Angel: That’s the less part.


Doyle: Violence isn’t going to solve a thing here. [headbutts man] On the other hand it is kind of festive.


Angel: I’m sorry.
Kate: Is that a confession?
Angel: I didn’t do that. I’m sorry for this! [hits her and dives out the window]


How do you get them to trust you, Angel? Give them the big dark eyes, the ‘I’m not good with talk’ speech?


Kate: Well, I'll tell you what. I can go wherever I want, and you can go to Hell.
Angel: Been there. Done that.


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