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Oz comes to LA to drop off a gift for Angel from Buffy: The gem of Amarra. Unfortunately for our heroes Spike comes too, seeking the gem. Angel is tortured but refuses to give Spike the ring. Doyle and Cordelia, with Oz's help save the day and Angel, using the gem's magic power, gets some time in the sun. After watching his first sunset in 200 years however, Angel destroys the ring, realising it's more likely to tempt him away from his path to redemption.

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Tropes used in Angel/Recap/S01/E03 In the Dark include:

He’s a bloody king of torture, he is. Humans, demons, politicians, makes no difference.

"You're incredibly pale."

Spike: “Do you two need to be alone, or can we go on to the ouchy part?”

  • The Informant: Manny the Pig and Frankie the Tripod.
  • Invincible Hero: After the preceding Buffy episode ended on Buffy sending the Gem of Amara to Angel, this episode is required to devote itself to averting this trope so the show can retain some sense of tension.
  • Leeroy Jenkins

Angel: “We duke it out, huh? Is this your big strategy to get the ring back?”
Spike: “Hey, I had a plan!”
Angel: “You? A plan?”
Spike: “A good plan. Smart. Carefully laid out. But I got bored."

  • Light Is Not Good: Marcus, a torturer vampire with pedophiliac tendencies, wears a white shirt.
  • Loves the Sound of Screaming: Spike has been griping about Marcus constantly playing Mozart, but smiles when he makes Angel scream.

"Now that is music!”

Spike: “Son of a bitch! - I do the work, - I do the digging, - fight off a Slayer, - drive to LA, find the help, and what do I get? - ROYALLY SCREWED, is what! - Well that cinches it. No more partners. From now on I’m my own man. A lone wolf. Sole survivor. Look out, here comes Spike! The baddest mother-- (a beam of sunlight hits the back of his head and his hair ignites) ARGH!

Angel: “Oz.”
Oz: “Hey.”
Angel: “Nice surprise.”
Oz: “Thanks.”
Angel: “Staying long?”
Oz: “Few days.”
Doyle: “Are they always like this?”
Oz: “No, we’re usually laconic.”

Spike: “Marcus is an expert. Some say artist, but I’ve never been comfortable with labels."

Angel: "Might as well go home, Spike. The Gem of Amarra stays with me.”
Spike: “Why? Because you are vampire detective now? What’s next? Vampire cowboy? Vampire fireman? Oh, vampire ballerina.”
Angel: “I do like to work with my legs.” [kicks Spike in the face]

  • Vampire Invitation: Cordelia wants to hide from Spike at her place, as Spike hasn't been invited inside. Doyle points out that Spike can get round this problem just by burning down the building.
  • Villain Ball: Spike thinks he's averted the Chronic Backstabbing Disorder problem by selecting an accomplice who's only interested in torture and molesting children. It doesn't occur to him that Marcus could do those things more effectively given the immunity of the Gem.
  • We Will Meet Again: Spike to Angel

“I’ll get that ring. This isn’t over until one of us is a pile of dust, mate.”

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