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Angel starts to think that Groo is taking over his life.

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Tropes used in Angel/Recap/S03/E14 Couplet include:

Fred/Gunn: "It's Wesley."

  • All Webbed Up: Fred and Gunn are held in the flesh-eating tree's roots.
  • Always Second Best: Groo seems to fit the Champion role just as well as Angel, plus he can fight in daylight and have sex with Cordelia without turning evil.
  • Analogy Backfire: While going to buy a Tome of Eldritch Lore, Wesley rallies Angel's spirits by telling him that he is in fact special.

Wesley: You're like one of these rare volumes. One of a kind."
[Angel smiles. The proprietor walks between them, carrying three old books.]
Proprietor: "I've got three of them."

Groo: "I shall present this beast's head to my princess as a token."
Angel: "Right. 'cause she'll love that."

Cordy: "There is a potion, a protective potion. I take it and bang! I can."
Angel: "So you and Groo can..."
Cordy: " like bunnies. You betcha."

Anita: "Oh, I love your outfits."

Angel: "Well, I really wouldn't call them 'outfits.'"

Anita: "But you are together."

Groo: (puts a hand on Angel's shoulder) "Yes! Two champions here together."

Angel: (pushing Groo's hand off) "Not 'together' together. Just 'get the potion' together."

Fred: "Well, that can't be good." [Tree roots pull them both underground.]

Wes: "Why can't you have sex?"
Cordy: "I could lose my 'visionity.'"
Wes: (smirking) "If you wanna play it that way."
Cordy: "VISION-ity! The visions."

Angel: "Groo! Groo, I think he's happy there."
Groo: "As a slave?"
Client: "Don't judge me."

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