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Cordelia has no memory of her friends, who wonder how much they can afford to tell her. Lorne reads major bad mojo in Cordelia's future.

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Tropes used in Angel/Recap/S04/E04 Slouching Toward Bethlehem include:

Cordelia: I get it now. You're all spies. Probably all Russian. And you've brainwashed me, and want me to believe we're friends so I'll spill the beans about some nano-techno-thingy that you want.
Gunn: So... I look Russian to you?
Cordelia: Black Russian.
Angel: That's a drink.

  • Continuity Nod: Angel confirms with the others that they can see Cordelia too, in case she's another hallucination. Cordelia looks through her Sunnydale yearbook, which references the events of BTVS "Graduation Day".
  • Description Cut: Happens literally -- The Fang Gang promise to explain everything. Cut to Cordy looking stunned.
    • "Evil is coming, and it's planning on staying." Cut to Lilah in bed with Wes.
    • "She's probably terrified." Cut to Cordy casually hanging out with Connor.
  • Exact Eavesdropping: Wes overhearing Lilah's phone call. Averted when it turns out that was Lilah's intention all along.
  • Foreshadowing: Lilah taunts Wesley with her Evil Plan of finding Connor and befriending him as a Cool Big Sis or Mrs. Robinson "if that's what he's into." Only Cordelia gets there first.
  • Game Face: Cordy asks if she's a nun, having found a bunch of crosses which she casually drops into Angel's palm. Angel promptly vamps out, scaring the hell out of Cordy, but not as much as the demon she later runs into whose face splits open so he can eat her.
  • Hollywood Tone Deaf: Cordelia's singing is as bad as always.
  • Kill It with Fire / Improvised Weapon
  • Lady in Red / Lingerie Scene: Lilah, naturally.
  • The Last of These Is Not Like the Others / Rule of Three

Angel: What do you remember?
Cordelia: I don't know. Numbers. Animals. Flossing.


Lorne: They had—they had a demon. I-I wouldn't talk. And the thing burrowed... inside. And took Cordy out.
Angel: Lorne, how much did they get?
Lorne: All of it.


Do the words "slouching towards Bethlehem" ring a bell? Or how about despair, torment, terror? And I'm not referring to little missy's choice of song, either, although that was horrifying in its own right. What I saw was jumbled. It was pieces, flashes. It was enough to make my skin crawl away and scamper under the bed. Evil's coming, Angel, and it's planning on staying.


Angel: We were afraid the truth would scare you.
Cordelia: Yeah, and the lying and deceit have been so comforting.

  • Side Bet: Lilah wins a dollar when Wesley is the first to use the 'relationship' word.
  • Sidekick: What Gunn insists he's not.
  • Super Senses: Angel picks up Cordelia's scream from the other side of the Hyperion.
  • Super Window Jump: Who didn't think the Wolfram & Hart Spec Ops team would come crashing through those big windows in Connor's crib?
  • Trouble Entendre: Fred trying to let Angel know in front of Cordy that they've got to go hack some demon babies to death.

It's an ugly divorce case thing. You know, private eye stuff. (to Angel) I should get Charles and terminate it before the situation multiplies.


Angel: Somebody has to know where Cordelia is.
Wesley: I do.


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