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Angel Investigations try to discover the Beast's plan.

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Tropes used in Angel/Recap/S04/E09 Long Day's Journey include:

Gwen: You never pass up a good cliché.

  • Cut Apart: Cordelia says they need to bring Connor in on this. There's a knock on Connor's door and he rushes to open it -- only to find the Beast.
  • A Date with Rosie Palms

Angel: How's Manny?
Gunn: Gave him some magazines about half hour ago to keep him occupied.
Gwen: Swimsuit Edition. (smiles) He's occupied.

Cordelia: (sarcastically) Great, as long as it's not some non-descript tenement downtown--

[Gwen is leading Angel, Cordelia, Manny, and Gunn up the stairs in a dingy walk-up apartment building.]

Cordelia: ...with discarded boxes in the stairwells and peeling plaster and the faint odor of dead people.

Angel: Apparently there's a ritual using members of the Ra-tet to change day into night. Forever.
Wesley: As far as evil plans go, it doesn't suck.

  • Gory Discretion Shot: The blood-splattered walls of the panic room are all that's shown of Manny's death. Just as well as his head has been opened up.
  • Inadvertent Entrance Cue: Gunn says they can't begin fighting against the Beast without some clue as to what it's up to. Cue Gwen entering the Hyperion with the first clue.
  • In Memoriam: The episode is dedicated to Glenn Quinn (Doyle) who died on December 3, 2002 of a heroin overdose.
  • Ironic Echo Cut

Cordelia: I trust you, Connor.
Cut to Gunn: I don't trust him.

Manny: Look, it's probably just a few hours 'til this guy catches up with me. I want to spend my last moments with my oldest, dearest friends down at the, uh, Pink Pony Lounge. (to Gwen) I'll buy ya a lap dance if I can watch.

Cordy: So, all this time alone together. Could be good for us. Maybe we should talk.
Angel: Maybe we shouldn't.
Cordy: Valid point.

Gwen: I did that on purpose.
Angel: That's pretty pathetic.
Gwen: If it's a lie, or if it's the truth.

Wesley: There's only one way we're gonna defeat this Beast. We need Angelus.

Mr. Ashet: You have no idea who I am, do you, Miss Raiden? Or of the dire importance of recent events.
Gwen: I know enough to go to Tahiti.

Mr. Ashet: Well said. Perhaps, then, I won't kill you for your-- (The Beast punches his fist through Ashet's chest)

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