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The Fang Gang interrogate Angelus to discover his connection to the Beast. Angelus tries to turn the gang against each other.

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Tropes used in Angel/Recap/S04/E11 Soulless include:

Angelus: Ah, Fred. You look all fresh and sweet, but I hear you at night in your room with Gunn. The things you say. I'm lying there, listening, hands under the covers... I can't help myself. It's so... gripping.

Angelus: (seeing Connor is wearing his shirt) Looks good on you, son.
Connor: (smirking) So did Cordy.
Angelus: She looks good on everyone.

    • Angelus re Wes/Fred.

"You want to impress the girl. Move in, get her to love you, and after a couple days of flowers and chocolate covered cherries, you'll bend her over the kitchen counter."

    • After Wes pretends to give up and walk out..

"Nice stamina, Wes. No wonder Fred's not interested."

    • Angelus to Gunn/Fred.

"So much for stand by your man. Then again, you probably like her on her knees."

Cordelia: Look in my eyes. Angel knows me. You know me. Better than anyone. So, when you look at me, you know I'm not lying.

Angelus: I guess you just can't understand that special bond between dad and son, given that your own father's ashamed of you--
Wesley: And Connor's ashamed of you. The universe's way of maintaining order, I guess.

Welcome to L.A. (hurls the stake at the vampire, dusting him) Tourists.

Angelus: The "perfect day" fantasy [Angel] came up with. Caves, booby traps, the requisite phallic sword.

Cordelia: Not even close.

Cordelia: Dead demons are just a big blob of oozing mess. Vampires turn into dust like they were never anything at all. But humans— (sighs) it's different.

  • You Do NOT Want to Know: Lorne listens to Angelus sing and gives this response to what he read. Cordy's response when the others try to find out how she got Angelus to talk.
  • Your Cheating Heart / Conflict Ball: You really picked a great time to start straying in your affections, Fred.

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