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The gang seek another means of restoring Angel's soul, but Lilah Morgan has turned up again. The Beast turns out to be the servant of another party.

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Tropes used in Angel/Recap/S04/E12 Calvary include:

CORDELIA: I thought the spell was...
LILAH: Divine intervention? Trust me, you have more chances of winning the lottery six times in a row. I had the numbers done.
CORDELIA: Just makes me question--
ANGELUS: (from the balcony) What's it all for, huh? I would too, if I were about to die.

(In response to Angel's Rousing Speech) "I can't believe we didn't slaughter you people years ago."

LILAH: He's gonna kill us.
CORDELIA: I know. (stabs Lilah in the neck) Why do you think I let him out? You stupid bitch. (smiles)

ANGELUS: Mm. Man, I'm telling ya... man, if I swung that way... Look at him. (whistles) all rugged and handsome and brains... man, he's damn-near perfect.
WESLEY: Thank you.

CORDELIA: Man, I'd love to punch your face in.
LILAH: Are you trying to turn me on?

CONNOR: We got the skull of the soul-eater. (sets it on the table in front of Cordelia).
WESLEY: It looks rather fresh.
GUNN: Yeah, we moved up its expiration date. (snickers)

  • Living Lie Detector: Angel is asked to sing for Lorne to prove he's got his soul back. After a few bars Lorne gives his enthusiastic approval. Unfortunately while everyone was watching the fancy light show swirling around Angelus, Cordelia was putting the whammy on Lorne.
  • Manipulative Bastard / Manipulative Bitch: Angelus and Cordelia.
  • Meaningful Echo: Angelus echoes Faith's words when she's posing as Buffy in the BTVS episode "Who Are You" when he says "being evil is wrong."
  • Mercy Lead: Angelus counts to ten before chasing after Lilah.
  • The Nicknamer: Lorne calls Lilah "succu-bitch". Lilah calls Cordy "Saint Cordelia".

GUNN: Now, instead of just worrying about the Big Bad Rocky, we got Darth Vampire living in the basement.

Wo-Pang: There is no other way known to me. Without the Muo-Ping... (shrugs) you're screwed.

  • Staircase Tumble: Angelus. Lilah then pushes a cabinet down on top of him.
  • Super Senses: Fred and Gunn are arguing over the latter's affections for Wesley, when Angelus chimes in off the CCTV monitor. Turns out he can hear everything from the basement.
  • We Will Meet Again: Angelus shouts "It's not over!" as the gang prepare to restore his soul.
  • Wham! Episode: Cordelia is revealed to be the controlling agent behind the Beast.
  • What Do You Mean Its Not Symbolic: The title.
  • You! Get Me Coffee!: Angel tells Lilah to make herself useful and fetch coffee for the others. A short time later Lilah is seen standing over a pile of smashed mugs.

Lilah: It's my inner megalomaniac. I, uh, rebel at serving coffee.

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