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Cordelia gives birth to her child. The Fang Gang discover their actions have been manipulated for years.

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Tropes used in Angel/Recap/S04/E17 Inside Out include:

Gunn: Being close to Electric Gwen can really screw your equipment.

Angel: (struggles to stand) Tell me... what happened to Cordelia.
Skip: Or, what? You'll bleed on me some more?

Angel: Don't worry; it'll be a walk in the park. / I hate parks.

Skip: Crap.

Skip: I'm just a merc. I go where the deal is.

Angel: "My sweet." Same phrase the Beastmaster kept using when he was whispering in Angelus' head. Thought it was a bit femme for the booming macho act.

Cordelia: That's it? I get away with bringing the world down around you and two eentsy words tingle your spider sense?

Wesley: What we already knew. What he found out as Angelus. All the circumstantial evidence led to you.

    • Also when Connor uses the word "annointed", it tips off Cordelia that someone has been trying to talk him out of the blood ritual.
  • Sword Over Head: Angel raises his sword to kill Cordelia's child, who has taken the form of a beautiful dark-skinned woman...then falls to his knees in worship.
  • Tempting Fate

Skip: You really think that's gonna-- (Angel knocks him out with his chain-wrapped fist)
Angel: Yeah, I do.

Angel: (dropping to his knees) My're beautiful.
Jasmine: (smiling) Angel.

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