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The Fang Gang fall under the influence of Jasmine.

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Tropes used in Angel/Recap/S04/E18 Shiny Happy People include:

Angel: Sometimes, when I look in her eyes, I've seen it too. It's overwhelming. The lies, the deceit...just melts away. (smiles) Nothing left but the beauty.

  • Berserk Button: The Fang Gang whenever someone tries to harm Jasmine.
  • Comically Missing the Point: Gunn and Wesley are trying to think of a name for She Who Has Not Yet Been Named. Gunn suggests Helen, which was his grandmother's name. Wes prefers Aristophila, "Supreme Lover of All Mankind." Fred enters from futilely trying to scrub the blood from Jasmine's blouse.

Wesley: All right. What about—
Fred: Clorox.
Gunn: "Clorox, she bleaches away the hate."
Wesley: Probably best we avoid brand names.

Lorne: Oh, relax. It's just a buzz saw. Nothing to get worked up over. It's Gunn and Wes down in the basement. They're dismembering that armor-plated demon, Skip.
Fred: Oh, right. Well, there's been an awful lot of dismembering going on in that basement lately, if you ask me.

Fred: Have you noticed how we all just kinda do what she says; don't ask questions?
Angel: Isn't it a relief? Constant questioning -- it's finally over.

Fred: Eight legs, three heads, horns...?
Lorne: Hey!

  • The Man Behind the Man: The true Big Bad of the season makes her appearance.
  • Mind Control: Anyone who sees Jasmine instantly loves her.
  • Naked on Arrival / Foot Focus: Jasmine
  • Not Himself: Connor being "not evilish". Then Angel talks about finding Cordelia's child and worshiping her. Uh huh. The Fang Gang exchange significant glances. Wesley tries to explain to Angel that he's under a spell, then Jasmine enters the room and puts the whammy on everyone. By the end of the episode only Fred is regarded as the odd one out.

Angel: She was acting weird earlier, and I just thought it was Fred being Fred.

Bowling Vampire: I'm telling you, something big is coming, and when it gets here, we're gonna be in prime position for--
Angel: (with the entire Fang Gang, who are brandishing sharp objects) An ass whoppin'?

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