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The Fang Gang flees underground, and finds a possible weakness of Jasmine.

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Tropes used in Angel/Recap/S04/E20 Sacrifice include:

Lorne: (pointing a woman about to Wrench Whack Wes) Soccer mom, 12 o'clock!

Lorne: And that's why when we use words like "ugly-ass" and "beastie," we can sometimes do more damage than we intend to. It ain't all about sticks and stones, my young friends. That's all. A little life lesson. One to grow on. (points) Knowing... knowing is half the--
Golden: Man, shut up!

Just drop the cliche serial killer crap and stake me already! Please!

Angel: What else do we know about [the High Priest]?
Wesley: I'm just guessing that he's bigger and meaner than our big, mean friend over there.

    • Subverted when he turns out to be a short guy with two legs.
  • Badass Boast: Angel makes it clear to Golden's gang that he can take their weapons off them easily, so they better take the pointy bits out of his face.
  • Blade on a Stick: Golden's gang are armed with these.
  • Blood Magic

Wesley: Are you preparing a spell?
Demon: Mmm, this blood magic. Flesh magic. Older than words. More much power.

Fred: It's weird, really, us running into you like this. I mean, we—we're professional monster killers.

Vampire Victim: Why don't you go f-- (screams as the demon attacks him)
Spidery Demon: Pssh! More talky meat. (throws the victim's tongue over to Wesley)

Wesley: She has a name, and it has power over her! That's why she keeps it a secret!

Wesley: Aren't you worried I'll just run away?
Demon: Hm. Not worried. Good at catching furries.

Connor: I'm finally part of something! (crash) I belong! (crash) I won't let anyone ruin that!

Gunn: We need a damn break. But the universe don't seem to be handing breaks out to the underdog lately. No leads, no database, no weapons, no shelter.
Wesley: And very little gas.

Wesley: (holding the door) We can't hold it.
Gunn: Time for the big fight scene.

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