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Angel discovers Jasmine's true name and uses it to defeat her.

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Tropes used in Angel/Recap/S04/E21 Peace Out include:

Jasmine: There are no absolutes, no right and wrong. Haven't you learned anything working for The Powers? There are only choices. I offered paradise; you chose this!

"Yes. I murdered thousands... to save billions!"

Angel: (walks up to the Keeper of the Word) Ok, big guy, you got a name I need. So we can either do this the easy way or the hard way. (the Keeper stands) But you're gonna give me her name or-- (the Keeper growls menacingly at Angel) Right. The hard way.

  • False Reassurance: A girl stripping off so she can be eaten pours out her woes before she met Jasmine, who reassures her that she'll never be bothered by her problems again.
  • Glamor Failure / Nightmare Face
  • Evil Gloat-y
  • Evilutionary Biologist: Before crossing over to Earth, Jasmine first took over a race of insectoids. Her chosen followers were evolved into scaly humanoids with telepathic powers.

Lorne: Uh huh, and how'd that work out for them?
Jasmine: (beat) It was a trial run.

Jasmine: But you're not human!
Angel: Working on it.

  • Killed Mid-Sentence / Benevolent Architecture
  • Last Villain Stand: After her brainwashing powers are lost, Jasmine declares that if she can't rule the world she's going to destroy it. She shrugs off everything Angel tries to throw at her, but she doesn't get to enjoy her spree for long because Connor, whose immunity to her powers apparently stretch to ignoring her invulnerability, swoops in and kills her.
  • Losing Your Head: The Keeper of the Word has his mouth sewn shut. After cutting off his head, Angel cuts the threads and the name issues forth.
  • Meaningful Echo: In the season premiere Angel told Connor, "Nothing in the world is the way it ought to be. It's harsh, and cruel. But that's why there's us."

Connor: You know...what this was all about? Protecting our baby—Jasmine—so she, and make this world the kind of place you wanted. And it is better. Not harsh and cruel; the way that Angel likes it so he has a reason to fight. Cause you know that's what he's about, him and the others. Finding reasons to fight. Like that's what gives their lives any meaning.

Angel: I'm worried that he might--
Lilah Morgan: End world peace? You guys already did that.

  • Omnicidal Maniac: With her powers stripped and followers gone, Jasmine decides to take up Angel's offer of helping him make the world a better place... One body at a time.
  • Open Says Me: Connor arrives at the church where Cordelia's body is lying in state to find the entrance boarded up and two police officers who politely ask him to leave. Smash Cut to both of them being hurled through the barrier by Connor.
  • Perp Sweating

Connor: Tell me, and I'll crush your windpipe.
Man: You mean "or," right? Or you'll crush my windpipe?

Connor: Always the same, Dad. I get a girl, you gotta make a play for her.

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