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Season 1

Episode 6: Angelina the Mouse Detective / Angelina and Grandma

Angelina the Mouse Detective: In one night, a gnome is stolen by a mysterious thief. The next day, Alice and Henry are playing catch with a ball, but the latter's throw sends it to Mrs. Hodgepodge's garden. The cranky neighbor refuses to give it back due to many balls have gotten into her property. Angelina leaves home reading a detective book. The three are walking in the streets to see Ms. Lilly talking to a police detective that she has a thief running around stealing gnomes in gardens. This inspires Angelina into becoming a detective. First, she, Alice, and Henry have to search for fingerprints in the gate, but the latter already got so many of it. Next, they have to search for clues like a green glove, which Ms. Lilly arrives looking for it. They have to find a suspect like a mouse captain is carrying away something in his bag, and follow him as a result. However, what's inside are toadstools. When it's night, Alice and Henry have to leave Angelina to look for the thief alone. She finds Mrs. Hodgepodge stealing the gnomes so that she could fix all of it, but she can't tell it to everybody as Mrs. Hodgepodge doesn't want everybody to think she's all nice. The next day, Alice and Henry are playing ball and walks with Angelina to see the gnomes are returned. Henry has once again thrown the ball into Mrs. Hodgepodge's garden, but she throws it back.

Episode 10: The Gymnastics Championship / Angelina's Baby Sister

== Season 2