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The recap for episodes of Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps.

Season 1

Episode 3: Angelina's Gift for Ms. Mimi / Angelina's Oldest Friend

Angelina's Gift for Ms. Mimi:

Angelina's Oldest Friend: Ms. Mimi is teaching math until she said "cricket", prompting everyone, except Angelina, to do the Camembert cheer which it would be done if someone said "cricket". Angelina says that she finds her life almost perfect because she misses her best friend, Alice. She suggests that Gracie, Marco, and Vici should meet her at Saturday. On that day, Alice is introduced to the three and they're going to play school. However, the three keep on making suggestions to her of doing school at Camembert way. When they do the Camembert cheer due to Alice saying cricket, that's the last straw; she gets angry, revealing her true colors that she gets left out. Angelina is disappointed of how her play day doesn't go well until her mother shows up saying that they should make their own rules in their own school. This gives Alice an opportunity to get along with Angelina's new friends.

Episode 5: Angelina and Alice's Big Night / Angelina and the Giant

Angelina and Alice's Big Night: Angelina, Alice, and Polly are playing in the attic until Mrs. Mouseling said that Alice has to go, much to their dismay. It is because ever since they're in separate schools, they barely play with each other. The next day, in Camembert Academy, Ms. Mimi holds a recital and it's about friends; therefore, invite a special friend. Angelina tries to invite Alice, but there's bad news: the latter is having an ice skate performance in the same day for the recital. The two best friends gets to the ice skating performance, then the recital just in time. Alice comments that she and Angelina won't have to do that ever again because she's moving schools again, the news that she tried to tell Angelina early on. When being asked how far, Alice replies that it's close because she's going to Camembert Academy, making her and Angelina classmates.

Episode 6: Angelina's Musical Day / Angelina's Crazy Solo

Angelina's Musical Day: Vici arrives in Angelina's house to tell her about the roles in Peter and the Wolf. For Angelina, it's the bird so she has to use a flute, but Polly pronounces it as fruit. She, Vici, Mrs. Mouseling, and Polly walk to Camembert Academy listening to the sounds such as the bell from a yogurt cart and the sign of the cafe. When Angelina and Vici arrive, Gracie is acting like a duck; according to Marco, some actors tend to stay in their characters for performance day. Just then, Ms. Mimi arrives, but is pointing at her throat. Angelina and Vici are really confuse by this so she writes down in her notebook. It says she lost her voice. Vici tells her to go to Dr. Totting so Ms. Mimi writes again in her notebook and Angelina reads it saying she did, but doesn't understand a word. Marco says it's laryngitis, commenting his uncle has that once. Nevertheless, Ms. Mimi is fine, but Angelina asks her how is she going to direct if she can't speak. In class, she turns on the Peter and the Wolf music with the flute sound. Angelina goes to Ms. Mimi and finally gets it. Through class, Ms. Mimi is calling everyone without saying a word, even Gracie, who is acting like a duck. In lunchtime, Vici declares an event to use musical instruments to speak. They understand her of what she's saying. Unfortunately, the reed of her flute is broken. When it's time to go to the stage, she goes to the music room to find another instrument, but gets locked up. Angelina and her friends go search for her. Just then, they hear a music of a trumpet and found Vici locked up. Ms. Mimi frees her and Gracie concluded of how they taught everyone that musical instruments are used for communication. Luckily, Ms. Mimi got her voice back just in time to announce the ending of Peter and the Wolf.

Episode 7: Angelina and the Irish Jig / Angelina En Pointe

Angelina and the Irish Jig: Angelina and Alice are watching Vici doing an Irish dance in the Lunchtime Theater. The latter questions the former of why is she not moving her arms, and the reply is that that's how the Irish dance goes. Vici offers them to try it out. While dancing, Angelina accidentally falls into the radio; at first, it worked, but it's broken. She apologizes to Vici about and tries to get an Irish music from Mrs. Thimble, but she doesn't have any. Angelina and Alice plan to come up with something in order to make up for the damage. Just then, Marco comes to school doing beats. He says it's the Irish jig. This gives Angelina an idea to plot a secret Irish dance party for Vici to make amends. She whispers to Gracie about it and must keep it a secret until it's ready. However, Vici manages to hear some of the whispering and suspects they're talking about her, prompting Gracie to keep her distracted for a while. Angelina and Alice go to Ms. Mimi for lessons in Irish dancing. Vici attempts to talk to Angelina, only to find her and Alice doing the Irish dance. She gets suspicious about this and Angelina gets Ms. Mimi to lie to her that she will be expecting her for tomorrow, much to her dismay. In Angelina's house, Marco and Mr. Mouseling are playing the music. Just then, Vici attempts to apologize to Angelina about all this. She shows up in her house and Gracie runs saying she did her best to stop her. Thanks to that, this confirms Vici's suspicions and runs away crying. Angelina pursues her through the park and tries to get her to stop, but Vici refuses, suspecting Angelina didn't want her around. She apologizes for ruining her music, and Vici demands to know why is she whispering behind her back. It is because Angelina is making a party to make amends. The two get back to the house to start the party.

Episode 8: Angelina's Rock Band / Angelina's Lost Ice Skates

Angelina's Rock Band:

Angelina's Lost Ice Skates: Angelina is ice skating with Alice, but it's just a dream as Polly's voice is heard to wake up. She asks her if she's dreaming or the ice show is really today. Polly replies the latter. Angelina and Alice are preparing with their lunches and ice skates. The former attempts to practice the axle, but failed. Just then, Mrs. Mouseling calls them that it's time to go, but reminds them to keep track of their time and things. When she asks them if they have everything they need, Angelina replies they got it all, but forgot their lunches so she gets it. They left, but Mrs. Mouseling calls them again because they forgot their ice skates. Alice gets it and left. She and Angelina go to the park for the latter to practice the axle, but hasn't perfected it yet. They left, but forgot their lunches; when they come back to get it, the birds ate it. Nevertheless, they went to the ice rink to practice. Then they left for smoothies, but almost forget their skates. In Mrs. Thimble's shop, Angelina and Alice failed to watch their time so they got a few minutes to get back to the rink. They left, but Angelina forgot her ice skates. They meet Ms. Mimi there and start a warm-up. Just as they were about to put on the skates, Angelina notices her's are gone and panics. Ms. Mimi calms her down and orders her to retrace her steps. This is when Angelina realizes she forgot her ice skates in Mrs. Thimble's shop and Ms. Mimi tells her to hurry up. She gets her skates back, but misses her opening solo; however, she can still skate with Alice. At night, Angelina is having dinner with her family and tells them about how she missed her opening. Her father says that everybody can be careless and that they should be more careful. Polly says she's going to be careful and tries to do a spin, but falls.

Episode 16: Angelina Cheerleader / Angelina's Ballet School

Angelina Cheerleader:

Angelina's Ballet School: Angelina is in the attic looking for her ballet bag, and Polly is shown to have taken it. It is because she is pretending to go to ballet school. This gives Angelina an idea of opening her own ballet school with Polly as her student. She plans on teaching after school. Angelina has Alice as her assistant in teaching her, but Polly is making her own steps. The next day, because of Polly can't do the right steps, Angelina has become a strict teacher, and this makes her quit. Angelina talks to Ms. Mimi at school about how she become a bad teacher just to get her sister to get the right steps. She advises her to make it fun. Angelina apologizes to Polly and asks if she could give her a second chance under the condition that she would make her teachings fun. Nevertheless, Polly still wants to be a ballerina. This gives her a successful performance.

Episode 25: Angelina's Room / Angelina's Camembert Parade

Angelina's Room: Gracie is staying in Angelina's house while her parents are away. She shows her to her room where she's going to sleep and keep things. At that night, Angelina is trying to read her storybook about a fairy and the mousemaid, but Gracie is noisy by saying good night to inanimate objects. She is forced to stop reading when her mother says it's bedtime, and thinks that being roommates with Gracie is not fun at all, and what's worse is that she is playing a harmonica early in the morning. In the next morning, Angelina's things are mixed up by Gracie, who is trying to help. Angelina complains of how Gracie is giving her problems. Later, the latter is playing pirates and asks the former to play, but Angelina is practicing her pirouettes. When her reading is ruined, Angelina had enough of this and Gracie leaves the house as a result. The former finally has the room to herself, but begins to feel guilty of not being a good friend to the latter. Angelina lets Gracie back to her house and the two reconcile for their behaviors. Gracie suggests they should read the storybook together, but Angelina has a better idea of playing pirates before sleeping.

Episode 30: Angelina's Nature Dance / Angelina's Spring Fling

Angelina's Nature Dance: Ms. Mimi is teaching the class in creating a dance inspired by nature. Angelina and her friends are practicing a bumblebee dance until Polly shows up, wondering where is a bumblebee. She sends her downstairs and gets an idea of a nature dance without Polly around. Meanwhile, downstairs, Polly is crying about how she doesn't get to spend time with Angelina and her friends. As a result, she gets Angelina to join with her. In the forest, Polly is getting the entire gang laugh with her suggestions, but Angelina is annoyed. She complains of her behavior and wishes that she could have stayed at home. However, Polly has disappeared. The gang leads on a search for her as a result. Angelina feels guilty of how she's horrible to Polly. They have a clue that since Vici is not with them, she's with Polly. They managed to find each other and Angelina apologizes to Polly. Vici reveals that she has an idea for their dance: grasshoppers.