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Angels 2200 is a Web Comic done by Peter Haynes and Nathaniel Savio. The webcomic combines Space Opera, Fundamentally Female Cast, Girls Love, and War Is Hell.

Humanity on Earth and its colonies has undergone a plague that has killed off the vast, vast majority of men thus humanity's armed forces are now entirely women. Concurrently, the colonies have been rebelling against Earth. The Terran Navy has sent one of their more minor resources--the aptly named and obsolescent carrier Outcast--to deal with an uprising on the Risae asteroid belt.

But even aboard the Outcast the Icebreaker flight squad stands out as a Ragtag Bunch of Misfits, both poorly trained and untested. Unfortunately, it looks like Icebreaker squad will be the ones called upon to be the heroes. They include:

  • Sasha "Hammer" Carelli (Hometown: New York City): Squad Commander. Daughter of a decorated Terran Navy pilot.
  • Franchesca "Kid" Martines (Mariot, France): The Ingenue, probably the ship's most naturally-gifted pilot. Sensitive and idealistic to a fault.
  • Juanita "Quetzalcoatl (Quetz)" Valdez, (Mexico City): Hammer's wingman. Squad' s best pilot. Not Good with People
  • Mary "Whiskey" O'Riley (Limerick, Ireland): Walking Irish stereotype. (Which she intentionally plays up). Would probably be the team's "Heart", if Kid weren't around
  • Mitsabi "Bubblegum" Kiseko (Kyoto, Japan): Less emotionally stable than Kid. Fancies herself a detective. Based on the author's wife.
  • Rebecca "Loser" Bradley (Rural Kansas, USA): Hammer's best friend, habitual brig occupant.

Tropes used in Angels 2200 include: