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  • Fridge Horror
    • The ending! Trish gets shot (nonfatally), but she earns the respect of the Angels, roll credits. However, in a sane world, you realize that a freaking child was shot in the middle of a battle against drug lords--a battle caused by said child's vigilante teacher. The facts about the Angels will come to light, and at the very least, April is going to lose her teaching certification and see some prison time. Elaine won't have much pull with the police after this incident, either--she was already on Miller's last nerve with the underground vigilante activities, and now that a young teenager was shot under her watch, there will surely be hell for her to pay.
      • And even if that's not the case--let's say Trish was merely grazed, and the Angels help Trish's recovery, but keep it hush-hush to protect their cause--then what about Trish's parents? Surely they'll notice that their daughter is somewhat injured and start asking questions.