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  • When Grandpa Ivan remarks to Angus' mom that she doesn't give her son credit for being strong, this is how she replies:

Meg: Did you know that when he sits down in the cafeteria, the other kids act like they're being thrown off? They call him "Bigfoot."
Ivan: He never told me that.
Meg: He never told me that, either. You know what they did to his underwear? They ran it up the flagpole, just to humiliate him. And he gets up, and he goes back there every single day! So don't you tell me I don't know how strong my son is. I know.

  • Grandpa's speech to Angus about bravery, as noted under the entry for Determinator, and Angus' response where he talks openly about how his fear and doubt are so at odds with his longing to finally have a "golden moment" of his own. The poignancy of scene is only sharpened by the fact that precedes the film's ultimate Tear Jerker, in that it's the last conversation Angus has with his beloved grandfather.
  • The big king-and-queen dance for Melissa and Angus. Angus, of course, starts out bumbling and nervous, but once Melissa settles him into an easy four-step movement, he's able to relax and they have a very touching dance, for which the film simply steps out of the way and lets them wordlessly finish their dance to the song's end.
  • The final scenes, where everything Angus had convinced himself would never happen for him actually does. After all the torment and alienation and embarrassment Angus had dealt with all his life, he finally came out on top; he'd had his moment.
    • "...And then I heard Grandpa's voice say: 'Now, go have another!"

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