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    The Holy Empire of Abel

    Empress Elisabetta Barbados

    The current sovereign of the Empire, Elisabetta is both the youngest sovereign and the first woman to lead the Holy Empire in its 700+ year history. Her ascension to the throne fractured the Empire for various reasons, not least of which was her father's actions before his death.

    Her mother died giving birth to her, causing her father, Emperor Elias, to blame her for his wife's death. This resulted in her being shunned by him all her life. She had friendless growing up but managed to retain a positive attitude, which won her the hearts of several people, including her mentor Kisidan and the Lord of War Tadeus Van Horsman.

    When her father fell under the influences of Eljared and ordered the destruction of Remo, Elisabetta attempted to stop him. In his madness he attempted to kill her but was struck down by her mentor, Kisidan. As a result, Elisabetta was forced to take the throne of The Holy Empire of Abel to stabilize the volatile political situation as a result of her father's actions, which forced segments of the broken Empire to either break away completely or follower her absolutely.

    Tropes Associated with Elisabetta:

    • A Child Shall Lead Them: The leader of the largest nation in Gaia's history, at the age of 13.
    • Child Prodigy: Her mentor, Kisidan, believes she has the potential to be his equal within a few years. This is impressive to say the least.
    • The Chosen One: Has the highest Natura possible for a human, the first in centuries.
    • Iron Woobie: Blamed by her father for her mother's death, which resulted in her being shunned most of her life. She was then nearly killed by her father when he went insane, only to watch her mentor strike him down in her defense. Despite all this, she remains a genuinely good person who upholds very high ideals and a positive outlook on life.
    • Just a Kid + Puppet Ruler: Most of her opposition believe this, they are wrong.
    • Pimped-Out Dress. Just see her in the front cover of the Gaïa sourcebook.
    • Empress Incognito: Which leads to.....
    • Secret Identity: Anna Never being her favorite one.
    • Precocious Crush: on Nemesis, who saved her from a kidnapping attempt and traveled with her for a while. She is well aware that he is extremely dangerous and that her feelings are simply a childish crush, but she still wishes to confess to him should they meet again.
    • The High Queen
    • Wise Beyond Their Years: Very much so.

    The Heaven Order

    The personal army of the Empress, they are the most famous and powerful Knight Order on the face of Gaia. It is the dream of any Knight to be recruited into their ranks.

    Tropes Associated with the entire Heaven Order:

    Knights of the Seventh Heaven

    The highest level of the Heaven Order and the personal guardians of the Empress. They are personally chosen by the ruler of the Empire and are treated as living legends by most. Currently, they only consist of four members.

    Tropes in Common between all members:


    The Strongest of the Knights of the Seventh Heaven, He was the Empress's guardian and mentor as she was growing up and is the one primarily responsible for her safety at all times.

    In truth, Kisidan is an immortal who has been alive since the Age of Chaos and is over 3000 years old. He was recruited by the Powers in the Shadow centuries ago and acted as their hitman on Gaia for several centuries. He was later ordered to infiltrate the ranks of the Knights of the Seventh Heaven (an easy task for him) and was put in charge of the Emperor's daughter, Elisabetta. He grew fond of her over the years, and despite orders to the contrary, he saved her life and struck down Elias Barbados.

    He secretly fears that someday the Powers in the Shadow will come to destroy him and Elissabetta for his disobedience.

    Tropes Associated with Kisidan:


    Even in a world such as Gaia, that holds so many secrets, Lilith is a mysterious enigma. Though she is an influential and powerful member of the 7th Heaven Knights her name is largely unknown as she mostly operates behind the scenes. As a mere human born into a world that humanity could consider hellish, Lilith has learned has become more adept at magic than many archmages and trained her fighting skills to a level rarely attained in an attempt to shield humanity from the darkness.

    Tropes Associated with Lilith:

    Griever/Jonathan Grimm

    "What does it matter if there are ten or ten thousand? Mortals or gods? I will not back down. If I were a man perhaps I would, but today I enter the battle bearing a sword and the Symbol of Abel on my chest. Today I represent the Empire. So I will advance against them alone, and none will stand in my way."

    Griever, The Destroyer of the Eternal Flames, is a living myth. Personal guardian of the Empress, this unstoppable man is no mere normal being; he is an ideal made flesh. Son of Baphomet, the last praetorian that guarded the Giovanni dynasty, Griever was trained to be the final weapon of humanity, a man that can face both gods or devils with his own hands.

    Tropes Associated with Griever:


    "Unique" is the best way to describe Tiamat, the youngest of the four 7th Heaven Knights that serves Elisabetta Bardados. Lazy and a womanizer, he nonethless possess a god-like talent for fighting. Making him sit up and take things seriously is the last thing his enemies would ever want.

    Tropes Associated with Tiamat:

    The Empress's Hand

    The Empress's Hand is the most recent of all the organizations of the Empire as well as the strangest. This strange society was created by Elisabetta Barbados less than a month following her rise to the throne. It was created to be independent from the Empire and answer to her alone. It is a force whose primary goal is saving the world from destruction. All of its members are chosen by The Empress and is primarily made up of members from other branches of the Empire's forces, such as the Heaven's Order and the Imperial Army.

    Tropes Associated with the Empress's Hand as a whole:

    Yuri Olsen

    "None of us will fall. None of us will back down. We will, with our own hands, change the world."

    Tropes Associated with Yuri Olsen:

    Samiel, The Black Lion

    "Time is uncertain. Only death is sure."

    Tropes Associated with Samiel:

    Claire Adelheid

    "I don't believe in destiny, I believe in the future. And I'm not afraid to fight for it."

    Tropes Associated with Claire Adelheid:

    Odin Goldsmith

    "I am no hero, just a mere soldier who does what he's ordered."

    Tropes Associated with Odin Goldsmith:

    Azur Alliance

    Supreme Archon Matthew Gaul

    "Power is in the Blood."

    One of the founding members of the Azur Alliance, Matthew Gaul is a former Lord of War of the Empire. He refused to obey Elias Barbados' order to purge Remo, thus gaining popular support when he took over leadership of Togarini. Ever seeking ways to increase his personal power, his current goal is to become the next Emperor, as he believes he is the most qualified person for that position.

    Tropes Associated with Matthew Gaul:

    The High Arbiters

    Tropes Associated with all Arbiters:

    High Arbiter Aizen

    Tropes Associated with Aizen:

    • The Dragon: One of Matthew Gaul's personal bodyguards, known as "The Hand of Gaul"

    High Arbiter Alastor, The Demon

    "Extermination is your reward for challenging a God!"

    Tropes Associated with Alastor:

    High Arbiter Arked, The Angel/ Akaiel Abatti(human name)/Akaiel Ul Del Uranus (Sylvain name)

    Tropes Associated with Arkeid:

    Les Jaeger

    The Colonel/Wilhelm

    Tropes Associated with The Colonel:

    The Church of Abel


    Romeo Exxett


    High Saint Elienai


    The Fallen Angels

    Tropes Associated with all members of the Fallen Angels:

    Fallen Angel Dinah

    Tropes Associated with Fallen Angel Dinah:

    Fallen Angel Ophiel

    Tropes Associated with Fallen Angel Ophiel:

    Fallen Angel Legion

    Tropes Associated with Legion:


    Prince Lucanor Giovanni

    "I once had a dream...and that dream is worth all the blood I've left behind and the thousands of corpses that will get in my way in the future."

    The last of the Giovanni Bloodline, the Bloodline of the original Emperor of the Empire of Abel. Lucanor's father, Lascar Giovanni, forced Lucanor to commit patricide in order to prevent him from becoming the next Emperor. As a result, Lucanor was put in charge of Lucrecio, the birthplace of his mother.

    Lucanor Giovanni is without a doubt one of the greatest minds on Gaia. He is responsible for a vast majority of technological advances in Gaia's recent history, including the Printing Press and Airships. In secret, Lucanor has formed an Organization named Wissenschaft (German for Science) which gives him an immense amount of influence around the world due to the Organization's vast intelligence network that covers most of Gaia.

    Tropes Associated with Lucanor Giovanni:

    • Awesome By Analysis: Definitely.
    • Badass Normal: Possess absolutely no supernatural powers as far as we know, but his intelligence and influence alone makes him one of the biggest players in Gaia.
    • Canon Sue: He certainly has elements of this, being the smartest man on Gaia and being skilled in every subject he has pursued. He also has diplomatic immunity from an organization capable of slaying gods.
      • According to the (scant) data given in the sourcebook, it's dubious he's a human.
      • It's also Word of God that the members of the Giovanni dinasty were increasing their power as generations pased.
    • Diplomatic Impunity: Has this as far as the Powers in the Shadow are concerned.
    • Expy: of Ozymandias, he even has a giant genetically engineer pet cat to match.
    • Instant Expert: Has effectively mastered every subject there is to master before he was even 15, surpassing most of his teachers and graduating with a doctorate from the most prestigious university in Gaia.
      • He has only practiced with a sword a couple of times in his life, but is one of the best swordsman in Gaia.
    • Magitek: He is one of the foremost experts in Lost Loggia and is partially responsible for the creation of both the Crow's and Gears of Wissenschaft.
    • Older Than They Look: Lucanor is in his 40's, he looks like he is in his 20's.
    • The Chessmaster + Magnificent Bastard + Manipulative Bastard: Possibly the most triumphant example in Gaia.
    • The Omniscient: Type 2.

    Reist Eberbacher

    The Crows

    Tropes common to all members of The Crows:


    Tropes Associated with XII:

    Lorenzo Rey Del Filio

    Tropes Associated with Lorenzo:

    Rayne Faria

    Tropes Associated with Rayne:

    Black Sun


    The Brotherhood

    Rah Sith

    Tropes Associated with Rah Sith:

    The New Brotherhood


    Tropes Associated with Eljared:


    Tropes Associated with Nemesis:

    Other Significant Characters

    Loctus Khan Schwarzwald

    Tropes Associated with Schwarzawald: